How To Be A Successful Fashion Blogger

photo; Damsel in Dior


It’s no secret that blogging has been on the uprise for quite some time. Sauntering around in fabulous outfits, taking bleak to chic and clogging up Instagram with envy-worthy snaps is appealing to everyone, right?!

The lifestyle of a fashion blogger looks ridiculously glamorous online, but there’s a lot of thought and determination that goes behind it in reality. After all, that kind of success isn’t born overnight, so here are our tips to become an online fashionista and make your blog a success:


1. Find your voice
There are an infinite amount of fashion bloggers out there fighting for the limelight, so you need to figure out what you bring to the table, and then use that to your advantage. We all have something that makes us who we are and if you present that through your blogging, you’re sure to turn heads!

2. Break into the blogosphere
Blogging is all about being social, so get chatting to your other favorite bloggers and interact with your audience. It’s important to build relationships in the blogging game, and once you’ve made friends it’s basically their duty to support you. What are friends for? Get your blog out there by talking to others who share your passion and the perks will be endless. From writing tips to style advice and someone to share the pain of Instagram going down without looking at you like you’re deluded.

3. Become best friends with Instagram
If you want to build your blog you’ll have to live and breathe avocado on toast, and soul-crushingly attractive girls- yes, I’m talking about Instagram. It is every fashion blogger’s haven and the best way to build up your content and following.

4. Have fun
Certainly the cheesiest of them all, but if you aren’t interested in what you’re posting about, chances are no one else is either. The more you love what you do, the more it shows and the energy of your blog will be contagious. There’s no point working on content that you aren’t passionate about because at the end of the day it should be about your enjoyment first are foremost. So here’s your chance to raid the shops for all their hidden gems and get blogging like the stylish goddess you are!

By Scarlet Emily

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  1. I started my fashion blogging journey quite recently and I have been loving every minute of it. Everything from taking photos to editing them and writing the posts. I mean there is still so much for me to learn but as I said, it is a journey.
    Thank you for these amazing tips! :)

  2. These tips are so simple but are so good, ecspcially as Ihabe just started out blogging and am just playing around with different content at the moment to see what I am most passionate about and is the most engaging to read! Thank you for this great post!
    From Tilly xx

  3. The instagram tip it’s so true!
    Building a brand and audience on instagram it’s really important and makes the difference!

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