How To Be A Smart Shopper

When it comes down to it, stores use all kinds of tricks to get you to buy things, and most of us fall for them. Have you ever gone inside a shop looking for something and ended up with bags and bags of things you don’t need? It’s time to become a savvy shopper and save your precious pennies!

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#1 Create a shopping list
If you really need or want something, create a list and tell yourself to stick to it. Bring the list with you and refer back to it every time you want to spend money on something you don’t need.

#2 Create a realistic budget
A good way to avoid overspending is to create a budget and give yourself a figure of how much you can spend shopping, add this to your shopping list and keep track of how much everything costs.

#3 Shop around
Don’t be afraid of leaving an item you’ve got your eye on and shopping around before you return, often I’ve found the same item in another shop for considerably less after walking around for a while

#4 Wear comfortable shoes
You may be tempted to put on your cute heels, but serious shoppers know that you should check all the best stores out before you make a decision, if your feet hurt you’ll be more inclined to buy the first thing you see which you could regret later.

#5 Wear headphones
Often shops employ psychological techniques to keep you inside the store, their choice of ‘current’ music can make you feel like partying and, therefore, more likely to check out their party-wear section. If they’re playing songs you like you’re less likely to leave. Stick your headphones in and play some chilled out tunes to ignore their musical warfare!

#6 Take crucial items with you
If you’re dress shopping, take Spanx with you. If you’re looking for something to go with your leather jacket, take the leather jacket. Hold up your chosen item against the things you already have and visualise it in your wardrobe, if it doesn’t work or you can’t see yourself ever wearing it then don’t buy it.

#7 How it fits you now is important
Lots of women buy things to motivate them to lose weight or buy something that will fit them if they get back to their ‘perfect body’, but the truth is we rarely get fast enough results to enjoy wearing these items, and you can never sculpt your body to fit perfectly in something, no matter how tiny you are, so it’s better to buy the clothes that fit you properly now!

#8 Find your category
People are often put-off by categories like Tall, Petite, and Plus Size, but these categories have lots of different sizing variations that may be perfect for you! There is no standard measure of a woman’s body so, you might be a curvy girl who wears petite jeans or a petite girl who wears tall tops. Check it out and see what works for you, never be intimidated or shamed by a label, it’s only a number and some words.

#9 Shop more but don’t buy more
Browsing the stores frequently can alert you to products they’re trying to get rid of, things you might have seen before that are marketed as ‘exclusive’ and other tricks they’re employing to keep you shopping. Don’t buy something every time you shop, but make sure to browse often to stay ahead of the game.

#10 Be sales savvy
Know when the sales are but don’t use it as an excuse to go crazy. Be cautious of some sales items, they might not be that much of a bargain, and could be the items that nobody else wanted to buy. Sales have to work in the favour of the store, after all, so if they’re getting rid of something for a steal of a price, ask yourself why. Be wary of the way they display sales items, they often look more desirable and premium than they are.

#11 Make sure you’re comfortable
Don’t start shopping until you’re well fed and comfortable, you’ll just dash around a shop not really looking and will grab the first thing you see. If you go food shopping on an empty stomach, be prepared to come back with trolleys full of items you definitely don’t need.

#12 Don’t be afraid to bring things back
If you have a complaint about an item, or you want some advice from the sales team, definitely don’t be afraid to speak up. If you want to return an item, don’t deliberate, take it back and know that as long as you’re within the guarantee of the shop, it won’t be a problem!

Shopping can be super fun, as long as you keep your budget in mind and don’t go crazy! With these tips, we’ll all be super smart shoppers in no time! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to and to be the first in-the-know with our amazing updates and giveaways!

  • Aleeha

    Wow, I never knew that music affected how people shop! Thanks for the great tips.
    Aleeha xXx

  • Katie

    Wow, #5 is really interesting! I never thought about how music effects the way I shop, but in thinking about it, it’s totally true! I mean, I guess I have no excuse for stores like Target, but definitely in clothing stores. Another thing I do to be a smarter shopper is review my existing wardrobe before leaving for the store. That way, if I run into “the most fabulous & perfect blue peplum tank top”, I’m armed with the knowledge that “no, you already own a super cute blue peplum tank top, and you love it, so you don’t need a second one”. I’m a super forgetful person, so sometimes I’ll think I scored the perfect item only to get home and realize I already own 3 things that are entirely too similar!

    Great read, thanks for sharing!
    xx Katie
    A Quiet Joy

    • Beth

      Haha, I like that! I do that all the time, buy things I already own and then review my wardrobe later to find out I have four or five tops that look exactly the same! Woops! I’ll stick to shopping online from now on I think, haha! Thanks so much for your comments Katie xx

  • Emily Nunn

    Great tips. I will keep these in mind the next time I go shopping.

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