Finally! How To Be Confident For Life And Banish Your Insecurities

It’s sometimes hard to know how to exude confidence, have you ever felt panicked or stressed about going into an unknown situation or talking to people you don’t know? Confidence can be faked, but it’s sometimes better to just work on being comfortable with yourself and any mistakes you make and try not to hold yourself to high standards.

 Here are five tips on how to exude confidence and hold your head high in any situation.

#1 Learn to love yourself

This is an important step for moving forward with your life, but it’s easier said than done. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, we all worry about first impressions, the best thing to do is write down a list of five things you dislike about yourself and leave it in a drawer for a day. Come back to it and try to spin every bad thing into a good thing.

Look at yourself from another person’s perspective if that helps, remember compliments that have been given to you in the past, and once it’s done you’ll feel much more positive. When you’re feeling uncomfortable in a situation take a minute to assess yourself. Wear what makes you comfortable and make sure your appearance isn’t something you’re overly insecure about by taking the time to give yourself some TLC. You don’t have to walk around in expensive clothes with a face full of makeup to be confident, in fact, the best way to have confidence is to like the way you look without all the extras.

#2 Banish negativity

It’s important to identify areas of negativity that you might not even be aware you’re carrying with you, a negative view of the world and other people can affect how you act around people you don’t know. If you think your friends don’t really like you, or that people you don’t know are just lining up to do bad things to you then chances are when bad things happen you’ll blame bad luck, the universe or even those closest to you before you realise that these things happen to everyone. Taking control of your own life and injecting some optimism and healthy positivity can completely change your outlook on life, chances are with positivity on your side you’ll stop noticing the disasters and good things will start coming your way!

#3 Smile and relax

Smiling is the best way to make yourself feel confident, even if in some respects you think you’re faking it, being friendly and approachable is the best way to feel good about yourself. Even if someone’s giving you the dirtiest look ever, keeping a polite smile will only fuel their jealousy! The other important thing is to relax, if you’re in an interview and feel yourself getting flustered take a deep breath and count to three before talking, it can be easy to stumble over your words or start nervously giggling but just keep your cool.

#4 Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

Your surroundings have a huge effect on the way you hold yourself. If your friends are constantly bringing you down or the people that you interact with are eclipsing you and drowning you out, you need to reassess. What you need in friends is support, encouragement, fun, compliments and sometimes constructive criticism.

#5 Fight the fear

Lack of confidence usually comes from fear, we imagine the worst case scenarios, pick over past embarrassments and generally detest the unknown. The best way to shake off fear is to visualise your fears and imagine how someone you admire would handle them, Jennifer Lawrence famously fell over (more than once) in front of thousands of people, and just got up and had a laugh at her own expense. Think of ways to turn a bad situation into a good one and in the unlikely event that something embarrassing does happen, turn it around and make it a favourable thing for you. If you’re scared of the unknown hold your head high and figure out what you can learn about yourself from throwing yourself in at the deep end. Whatever you do, as long as you enjoy yourself and be happy it’ll rub off on other people and you’ll start being on top of your game.

  1. This post is so lovely… lots of great tips that absolutely make sense. Love it!

    Jess X

  2. Inspiring post! Any advice on commitment issues? How to feel satisfied with a current job, and not always feel the need to job hop?

  3. Your articles are so inspirational and positive!! I love them because they are so helpful for all women!

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