How To Be Fearless When You’re The One Giving The Interview


It might be nerve-wracking to apply for a job, but imagine sitting at the other end of the table! What happens when we’re asked to interview people or even oversee interviews, it can be so terrifying – especially if it’s your first time. The candidates don’t even know the kind of pressure the interviewer is under sometimes. Hiring is a very exciting process, but you might need some tools to get you started…

1. What are you looking for? 

Obviously you’re looking for someone to fill in your position, with some experience and a good education, but we’re talking about what kind of person you’d want to spend your day with. What does your team need? Would that person feel at ease in your company?

2. Prepare! 

Take time to really read their letter and resumé. Don’t just print out whatever HR sent you, prepare questions based on the letter and resumé. Feel free to check them on Facebook or Google, and call some of their references. It’s a sign of respect and means you take your job, and theirs, seriously.

3. Be nice! 

Let’s be honest; interviewing is pretty nerve-wracking. Be nice and interested. Offer a drink, break the ice and listen. Follow the line of questioning you’ve prepared, and listen to what they have to say! If someone looks great on paper, but it doesn’t feel right…follow your gut. If something feels good, but you have your doubts based on their resumé or (lack of) experience… let them try out for one day. Be honest upfront. They might surprise you!

4. Ask around! 

Your receptionist, the caterer, the cleaning lady…what do they think about your applicant? They might see something you don’t. Besides, it makes them feel valued. If you can, ask a co-worker or someone from your team to be at the interview.

5: Don’t leave them hanging 

If you know it, you know it. Call them and let them know whether they’ve made it or not. Don’t wait till Monday, or next week or whatever deadline you had. Call the winner first; if they decline, you might change your opinion about the others.

Written by Dieuwertje Valentijn 


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