How To Be The Kind Of Person Everyone Wants To Know

What does it mean to be truly liked? When you’re working towards becoming successful, all your pre-occupations about being liked go to the side. Because if you spend all your time worrying about being a likable person, you might miss opportunities to grow, develop, lead, and manage people properly.

But to be the kind of person people want to get to know, now that’s an asset. That’s an asset that helps not only in business, but in life too. Whether you’re networking, meeting new people, or just trying to make friends. You want people to find you interesting, to share your passions, and like being around you.

Most successful women have the same qualities, the qualities that make them people everyone wants to get to know. They are no-nonsense, know their own worth, and aren’t afraid to raise others up. Being that kind of person is invaluable, you will learn that opportunities present themselves when you are open to them.


First of all, it’s all about your mindset. Change the way you think about yourself and make a conscious decision to bring about a positive mindset. This means helping others with whatever they need and trying to be a positive influence in people’s lives. It’s easy, you need to be the kind of person who creates solutions, not problems. You need to approach people and step outside of your comfort zone to communicate with new people. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will be around groups of people, and the more you’ll start to be the kind of person people can gravitate to.


Eternal optimism can be annoying, but a positive mindset is what people look for in others. According to books like The Secret, a positive mindset is like a magnet, you can get what you want from the Universe if you put it out there. It’s true that people gravitate towards people who share qualities with them, so try to be a little open to others, and embrace that positivity in everything you do.


Knowing what you want from life is a quality that will make you more likable. If you have a passion, don’t be afraid to share it. Being driven is infectious, seeing you talk about the things you care about will inspire others, and will give them the motivation and drive to continue to improve themselves. Basically, having your sh*t together is an attractive quality in a friend or colleague.

If you need to completely restructure your life, get a daily planner like the Getting Stuff Done planner and just plan out your entire day, every little thing you need to do, from the meals you’re planning to the exercise you need to make time for and keep it together! People will gravitate towards you in no time.


Recent studies showed that the way you talk about others reveals something about your own personality. They asked study participants to each rate positive and negative characteristics of just three people, the researchers were able to find out about the rater’s well-being, mental health, and how they were judged by others.

The findings show that people who were more likely to rate others in positive terms indicated that they were a more positive person themselves. If you are positively judging others, you’re more likely to be emotionally stable, happy, open-minded, and positive. So when you meet new people, try to be positive and judge them fairly.


Likable people usually do this unintentionally. Copying other people’s body language is an important step in subconsciously showing them that you’re on the same wavelength as they are. Mirroring body language is a way to bond and to build understanding, most social animals do this. Think about the word “yawn”, you’re likely to want to yawn now, or at least within the next thirty seconds. There’s something else called ’emotional contagion’ that spreads too, so if you’re happy, you’re likely to make others happy, too.


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