8 Bad Habits You Should Break To Be More Productive

how to be more productive


Let’s face it. Productivity is essential to growing in creativity and getting work done. But at the same time, the littlest things tend to grab our attention and turn us away from those tasks. On the other hand, accomplishing more in as little time as possible is definitely possible. There are, however, a couple of habits to break in order to do this. Here are a few to think about

1. Looking at your phone

A simple vibration from this device is enough to break our concentration. Put your phone on silent, or even better airplane mode, and set a time away from the repetitive notifications. That way, you are able to focus and give full attention to your work. Your productivity levels will increase for sure!

2. Staying in your comfort zone

Getting work done means getting into the right mindset. Nine out of ten times, your comfort zone will derail you from being productive and influence you to use that day as a lazy one. And as great as that sounds, it will only slow you down. Leave the comfort zone, and get yourself into a place where the atmosphere screams productivity- a library or even a cafe. And on the flip side, you can use your comfort zone as a means to treat yourself for completing the tasks for the day! Trust me, it works.

3. Procrastinating

Or in other words, the greatest enemy to productivity. This is probably the hardest habit to get rid of because it’s so tempting to procrastinate. But it only damages our likeliness to get work done during the day. Studies show that our highest dose of energy comes in the morning, putting tasks off for later in the day will decrease the chances of getting them done. So, the earlier we focus and get work done, the better. Let’s get to it.

4. Constant email checks

This is probably the second most popular procrastinator. Emails are tempting to answer right away, but it’s important to set a time for this because once you start, you probably won’t finish. Don’t allow the weight of your inbox to shift your focus. There will be time to attend to those emails. But for now, stay on track and get to work.

5. Skipping meals

Staying healthy and energized is key to staying productive. For starters, skipping breakfast will slow you down and lessen your chances to getting work done efficiently. Keep your tummy happy. If you need a boost of energy, grab some fruit to keep your eyes open and stay hydrated with water. Trust me, you’ll be thankful at the end of the day.

6. Not working out

Staying active is sure to increase productivity. It keeps you awake, alert and fresh! Also, studies show that working out in the day keeps your mood lifted and your stress levels lowered! So, the next time you think about skipping the gym or putting off that run, don’t. It’s easy to get back on track, read how our managing editor did it here.

7. Not prioritizing

Getting side-tracked is a recipe for disaster if you want to be productive. Not prioritizing will do that. It’s important to plan and know the steps and tasks you need to attend to, remaining attentive and focused. Stay scheduled and prioritize your duties. You’ll get the work done in no time.

8. Trying to be perfect

We all know nobody is perfect, but perfection is what we normally strive for. Coming to terms with the realization that something may or may not fall out of place is a good thing to acknowledge. Details are important and mirror our work ethics, but nit-picking only slows us from finishing our work. Finish the base work first, and amend the details later.


What habit do you think you need to break to increase your productivity?

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  • Preris Life

    Very helpful tips! :)


  • Sheri Ellis

    So the comfort zone and not being perfect are nice reminders, but the not constantly checking email or looking at your phone are kind of silly, since it’s advice being given on a blog, which is only readable by looking at your phone or email.

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