How To Be More Productive According To Science


Are there some scientific ways to be more productive? Yes! We’re career girls, so of course, we want to actually get things done. And when science has a formula that can help with that we’re not one to argue!

Especially in a world where social media is too tempting and it’s soooo easy to get distracted!

But, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s not just you, or us that struggles to get through our to-do list sometimes. And seeing as science is backing us up this time, there’s no room for excuses anymore! So, I have one question for you… are you ready to get things done? Here are five scientific ways to make it happen:


1. Eat The Elephant 

We all have those tasks that we just do not want to do. These are the tasks we usually put off to last minute because we’re not motivated to complete them. This is one of the easiest scientific ways to be more productive.

But you should treat every task with the same seriousness. The best way to do this is by eating the elephant. And you should tackle these tasks first even if they seem impossible. By focussing on these and getting them out of the way first thing in the morning will ensure you have the energy to do it.

They should be the first things you do with your day rather than the last. Because the other tasks which excite you a little more will keep you more energized throughout the day.


2. Master Your Time

There’s been a specific formula developed to help you get things done. 

The only thing you have to do is set a timer. According to science, you should break your tasks up into 25-minute parts, allowing yourself five minutes break in between each one. The idea behind this is that short breaks will keep you energized and more focused when you return back to your tasks.



And it’s easier than ever before to master as there’s an app that can help you break up your tasks into small manageable chunks. It’s called 30/30 and it will give you a time limit that will count you down and alarm you when you should stop. Get it here.

The trick is with this, once the alarm goes off, no matter if you’ve finished or not that you leave this task and move on to the next one. And you’ll notice how easier things get done this way – even when you have to go back, later on, to finish them off.


3. Change Your Scenery

It should be no surprise to you that where you work has an impact on how you work and how fast you can complete a task. Yep, this is another one of the easiest scientific ways to be more productive!

Working from home and sitting on your bed is not going to be good for your productivity.

But even sitting at a desk will do you no favors either. That is if your desk is full of clutter. So, that means the millions of pens, sticky notes, and papers everywhere need to go and be organized out of sight, out of mind. Think clean white spaces.

Start by clearing up your area and make it clean and fresh, if you need some tips check out this article that will help you create the perfect desk. Also, make sure to create the perfect lighting by making sure it’s not too dark (or you’ll be sleepy) and not too bright either!


4. Keep Away From Your Phone

We could all use with a little help getting off of our phones, especially when we desperately need to get things done. Because it’s so easy to get distracted. For example, when someone reacts to a notification and opens up their phone on average they spend their next twenty minutes focusing and interacting with their phone.

This is really not good for your focus and will only put you behind. But how can you help it when your phone goes off every five minutes? Easy… We’ve found the perfect app that can help with that.

Instead of locking yourself out of your phone entirely, you can just block certain apps that distract you the most.



And AppDetox allows you to do that so you can get the more time for you. You can set your own rules rather than facing restrictions so you can finally kick procrastination’s butt and save your meme tagging for later! Get it here.


5. Get Into Your Zone

We’ve been told a lie for many years… that listening to music is counterproductive. 

Music affects our mood, and it affects how motivated and pumped to get things done. Yep, your banging playlist is one of those scientific ways to be more productive!

And in fact, research does show that music, especially background music can actually help you learn and process information faster. And you don’t have to listen to classical music to make it happen.

Although, classical music and music without lyrics is meant to be better for you. But it really depends on the individual, for us, we need music with lyrics but it might not be the same story for you!


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