How To Become Ridiculously Organized In Ten Minutes

Wondering how to become more organized at work and at home? If you feel out of your depth, or a bit overwhelmed, you’re probably unorganized. Even if you think you are, you might not have a system that truly works. Trust me, those things go hand in hand. A clean, organized life, and a tidy, organized mind, are one in the same.

Some people struggle with it more than others, but there is so much that proper organization can do for you. Becoming ridiculously organized doesn’t need to be a full day’s work. It can take just ten minutes to sort yourself out and get yourself organized. Ten minutes.

That’s actually all you need to create a system that will stick with you for life.

What else could you achieve in ten minutes if you just set a timer and put your mind to it? You will be so much more organized and clear-minded, you could write that book you’ve been meaning to, you could work out, you could do SO MUCH.

If you want to become ridiculously organized, here’s a quick hack to make it a reality, rather than a dream…

0 – 5 Minutes

Organize your life

Start with a five-minute timer and take every bit of unaccounted for clutter off your surfaces. Put it down in the middle of the floor and decide if you’re cutting it or keeping it.

Be fast, you don’t want to run out of time. So just say the first thing that comes into your head within one second, “cut” or “keep”. Everything that you cut can be donated or discarded, everything that you keep should add beauty and value to your life.

Arrange it however you like, but make sure it doesn’t oppress you. Too much clutter, too many papers, too much of anything will bombard you and make you feel trapped and unorganized. In no time, you’ll learn how to become more organized at work and at home when you clear your clutter!

You can repeat this for every room in your house, and even at work, however, for the purposes of this ten minute cleanse, let’s say you’ve just decluttered your desk in five minutes. You’re probably already feeling pretty clear-minded. But it doesn’t stop there.

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Gratitude Journal


5 – 10 Minutes

Organize your mind

To be more organized, you need to create a system for yourself that you can realistically stick to. I have a system of planners that help me stay on track.

I have one for every little detail of my life and one to write everything and anything in. In order to create a calm and organized life, you also need to make room for a little chaos.

So my notebook is full of lines and scribbles and doodles, figures, facts, worries, and journal entries. This keeps it out of my organized planner and away from my head. This is how to become more organized at work and at home.

You can use a planner, like the Getting Stuff Done planner to keep your entire life together.

If you’ve never done a brain dump, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

It is without a doubt the most important part of getting organized. While you can’t organize your entire life in just ten minutes, you can organize your mind.

If you’re willing to ‘rinse and repeat’ this system, you’ll be physically organizing for five minutes every day, and then mentally organizing for the remaining time.

Don’t just write down your to-dos, scribble all the things you need to do in a notebook, make a scratch pad, journal, doodle, empty your head and start again. You will become organized the more room you free up in your brain, trust me. Starting a ‘brain dump’ was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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