How To Be Productive At Home: 4 Easy Tips For Working Smarter


Wondering how to be productive at home? There are a few tips and tricks to get you in the frame of mind to work hard. If you struggle to stay focused whether you’re working on your own goals or sitting in zoom meetings, then you need to change the way you work.

All you need to do is change your mindset to be productive at home and smash every goal you set yourself.

1. What you know vs who you know

The first principle of working smarter not harder is not going it alone.

When you’re working from home, you want to be held accountable for what you’re doing. If you’re trying to be productive at home, you should find someone else who can help you out. Whether it’s a friend who can check in with you to see your progress, a colleague, or a manager.

Set yourself a task of sending an end of day report or doing a check-in call. This alone will motivate you to get your tasks done.

2. Always eat the elephant first

You’ve heard this one before, eating the elephant literally means doing the hardest tasks. When you start with the hardest thing on your to-do list and tick that off, you’ll be left with momentum to keep the productivity going.

Doing the hardest task first every day will train your brain to stay on full-work mode, instead of looking for ways to procrastinate and avoid the harder tasks. You have more time in one day than you realize if you use them wisely and set yourself small, achievable goals to get stuff done.

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3. Use the Eisenhower box

If you’re struggling to figure out what you want to do, need to do, and where to put your hours during staying at home, the Eisenhower box is for you.

Essentially you set your to-dos into four categories, do, decide, delegate, and delete. Things you have to do, things you decide to do, and things you delegate to others (or another time if you’re unable to delegate to someone else) and delete from your life.

This super-simple method of setting up your daily tasks can be used in a planner like the Getting Stuff Done planner, which allows you to have space on the left-hand side for planning your day (with the Eisenhower method) and also self-care checklists on the right page so that you can track all the things you decide to do.

Try this if you’re still struggling to divide your time and be productive, and see how it massively improves your life.

4. Schedule deep work

Yes, multi-masking can be a great thing for your skincare routine. But multitasking should be a habit of the past.

Your attention needs to be focused on one thing and one thing at a time if you want to get it done. You can focus your attention by setting yourself a timer. Thirty minutes of deep work focus, and three-four minutes of a break in between.

This is the best way to schedule your work time for maximum focus and minimal distraction. Plus, you can use a planner like The Project Book to organize your day by hour and build yourself a productive daily timed to-do list.


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