How To Plan For A Successful 2020 Right Now

be successful in 2020 with the goals 2020 diary

Making a strategy on how to be successful in 2020 is probably the last thing on your mind right now. In fact, the end of the year seems like ages away. At the end of next week, it’ll be four months until 2020. Four months! This year flew by, and those four months will fly by too.

2020 feels to me like it’s going to be a good year. A nice, even number with symmetry, it just feels like it has potential. If you want to really live to that potential, you should start thinking about what you’re going to achieve next year now. Don’t leave it until early November to set your goals – tackle them now so that by the time 2020 rolls around you are already READY TO GO!

1. Do NOT set a resolution this year

New Year’s Resolutions are dumb.

You heard me. They encourage us to set vague, non-specific goals with the intention of working towards them for an entire year. Then, when the year is over, and you haven’t made any progress towards your goal, you feel defeated and repeat the process.

Whatever you do, don’t do that this year. Instead, set yourself new month resolutions. You can set that big overarching goal, but every single month you need to have a new resolution and know how you’re going to achieve it. This way, your goals are smart, and you’re hitting them by the end of each month. The best part? You can start this right now.

2 Learn to be conscious

We get complacent when we are on autopilot. Think about all the times you travel to work or do household chores without thinking. When you’re conscious of your actions, you can control them – you can think clearly about what you’re doing.

Take yourself off autopilot whenever you can if you want to be successful in 2020, the earlier you can train yourself to do this, the better because by the time next year rolls around you want to be on top of your actions and in charge of where your mental energy goes.

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3 Find out what’s filling up your jar

If you visualize your day as an empty jar, what you’re filling your jar with makes a huge difference to what you achieve. The founder of Dropbox tried this exercise, logging what he was doing every hour – and he was shocked. His jar was full of sand, meaningless activities that did little to contribute towards the goal of the day.

The Goals 2019 – 2020 Diary was designed to help you take back control of your hours by logging them in the timed weekly schedule. You can make a note of everything you achieved to see how smart you are with your time, give yourself specific deadlines, and keep a record of appointments. 

4 Don’t be ordinary, be EXTRAORDINARY 

If you want to be successful in 2020, you have to acknowledge your potential and live up to it. Everything you want is possible – you’re the only obstacle standing in the way of your goals. Make a conscious effort to step it up as soon as you can and be extraordinary. Keep that gym membership active, start writing that book, publish your blog, share your art with the world.

Write down your most extraordinary goals for yourself right now. You’ve got around four months to hit at least one of them. How are you going to do it?  Next year, you don’t have time to be average. Don’t settle for anything, go out there and grab it. 

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