5 Things You Need To Do To Become A Better Leader

photo: Brooke Testoni


Women today aren’t waiting for fate. They’re out there building their empires and going after their career goals with some serious determination. They’re letting go of fear and turning their dreams into a reality by being their own bosses. But you don’t have to be a natural born leader to get started. All you’ll need to do is read these tips and tricks to make sure you’re always on top. We’ll show you how you can become a better leader because if anyone can do it, you can…

1. What’s your style?

Begin by understanding what your management style is going to be. It’s easy to think you can do it before you do it. Being a manager is never what you expect it to be, you have to understand that not everyone is going to like you, and you have to be ok with that. Just be open to growth and change. A positive, encouraging style is a good way to go, but you also need to be firm and strong. And once you’ve achieved that balance you’ll be the boss lady every body admires.

2. Be the master of time management 

Leaders understand that time is a precious asset to have on their side, so they strive to master time management. This is something to really hone in on and take seriously. When leaders manage their time, they focus on efficiency and productivity. And when those two elements grow, there is no stopping them. The best way to do this, is of course, with a list. Prioritize tasks and set realistic deadlines, which will keep you from taking too much on.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

A good leader knows she has to delegate. And the secret to being a good manager is doing it well. By delegating tasks to your team, you’ll not only be taking the pressure off yourself but motivating them with responsibility. They’ll feel more involved with the business and will be encouraged to be creative, which is great for stimulation. If you’re not delegating then you don’t trust your team, which means they won’t take value away from their role.

4. Encouragement is the key to success

Guaranteed, there are going to be difficult moments within the team where you’ll feel pushed into negative conversations. However, it works best to turn these around with positive reinforcement. The way I always do it is not by punishing someone for a mistake, which can leave them feeling low and unmotivated, but instead, encourage them. You’ll want to end a negative conversation with a positive ending, be their guide and give them the tools they’ll need for success. I guarantee you with that positive reinforcement they’ll feel ready to go get ’em.

5. Your team is THE team

A team works better in an environment that’s exciting and passionate. The best way is to set a weekly meeting with your team, this is not only a great chance to team-build but motivate them into being just as excited about the brand as you are. Show the passion you have for the company in these meetings and let it rub off, you’ll come across as a confident woman, who’s not afraid to listen to other people. And you’ll be admired for it.




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