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Career Girl Guide: 3 Simple Steps To An Even Better You

Working on a better you doesn’t necessarily mean you are not happy with who you are right now. Self-improvement neither is about changing yourself completely or making up for all the flaws you think you might have. Becoming a better version of yourself  is about self-development, improving the person that you are and being all that you can be.

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As Career Girls working on ourselves is always on the agenda. Focussing on our personal journey, goals, reflecting on our behaviour, achievements and mistakes, are all part of this process.

CGD gives you a simple 3-step guide to an even better you.

#1 – Break your routine

It is easy to get stuck in a routine, but this way you will never know what your full potential is. If you normally snooze half an hour before you actually get up, try to get out immediately and go for a run  (very drastic change, I know) or if you normally go for a drink with colleagues after work, go volunteering instead. Try to break your routine by doing something different. You will become even more productive and life gets more exciting, whether it is at work or in your personal life.

#2 – Learn new skills and work on your talents

The 2 skills I am working on this year are an extra language (Spanish) and investing. It is fun to learn something new and expand your horizons. If you have ‘learn how to surf’ or ‘joining a book club’ on your bucket/wish list: do it! Or if you finally want to work on your singing/acting/hockey talent: go for it! Constantly challenging yourself by learning new skills and working on your talent, will help you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and reach your full potential.

#3 – Reflect every week

I love reflecting and learning from experiences. Personally, what I like to do is meditate and go through my day: what happened, how did I react, what can I learn from this and what would I do differently next time? You will be surprised how much you learn from this.

You need to personally figure out what way of reflecting works for you. Some do it at the gym, others need to go for a walk and some can even do it while shopping. No matter what you prefer, reflecting will help you in becoming the best that you possibly can be.

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  1. Lauren says

    I completely agree, my problem is investing in myself but it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve bought some new things to make myself go further!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Cheryl says

    I get BORED really quickly, so learning new skills is really important to me, gives me the ‘juice’ to keep pushing myself further – great post CGD!


  3. Natasha says

    Great ideas! I really do like the learning new skill one – will definitely implement that one


  4. nueyork says

    Reflection is so, so important. I really try to do this, and I find it’s just become a habit now.


  5. Helena says

    Oh, I LOVE #3. That’s such a good idea. I need to start doing that ♥ thanks for sharing


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