3 Lies Unsuccessful People Tell Themselves

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It might seem harsh, but there are a few lies you can tell yourself that will stop success in its tracks. Sometimes you realize you’re not where you want to be, or where you think you should be by now. Instead of wondering how to become successful and not acting on it, it’s time to change the voice in your head and stop lying to yourself.

Think long and hard, there might be a few lies you’ve been guilty of at one point or another – but every Career Girl knows that the key to success is to be honest with yourself. Never let yourself get stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in and don’t let yourself get trapped in any of these lies…

“I’m destined for this job.”

You’re not destined for the job, you have to earn it. Sometimes you have to give yourself credit and tell yourself you work damn hard and deserve the job, not that the Universe will conspire to give it to you. Similarly, having a degree says a lot but don’t get trapped in the thinking that because you have one, you will get a promotion or opportunity over someone else. Placing full dependence on a certificate is something you want to stop doing and a lie you want to stop telling yourself.

I have a degree and am currently working way towards a second one. But it does not guarantee me a position of any kind. Graduating two years ago taught me that. I was looking for jobs and on the very top of my resume, after my name and credentials, I wrote about my school. I talked about the classes and lessons learned in university, placing so much focus on that and less about me. Long story short, I did not get the job…at that time. I had to learn that praising my degree and placing so much emphasis on it created a distance between me and my success.



“It’s not happening now so it’s never going to happen.”

It doesn’t matter what people say – becoming successful is not something that happens overnight. A couple of YouTube sensation-stories may say otherwise, but it’s not something you want to rely on. There is no formula and absolutely no finger-snap to get you where you want to be. But there are two things you want to focus on.

First, work smart and work hard. It sounds off-putting, but there is no way around it. Even if your idea went viral and you were trending for weeks, not having a work-ethic will leave you and your idea without a foundation. Second, form strong relationships. It’s true when they say “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Now, what you know matters, but so does who you know. To be successful is to also be well-rounded and well-informed. Stay up-to-date with important people in your field. Understand what it is they do and have the ability to relate to them on a level. Not all levels…but at least one.


“I have to be perfect to get ahead”

Impressions do count, meaning that the way you dress, how you hold yourself and the things you say do help you when you’re striving for success. However, trying to be perfect is setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself a break, you’re not going to get anywhere if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others and trying to give the impression that you’re perfect.

You are going to have to admit your mistakes, accept when you’re wrong and ask for help when you need it and work really hard to get to where you want to be.

Ruxandra Porojnicu photographed by Career Girl Daily. 


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  1. LOVE this post! Every single point is true, especially the first. I graduated from one of the Top 20 Uni’s in the UK with a 2:1, after Uni I applied to over 150 jobs and didn’t get a single one of them. It’s heartbreaking but a degree doesn’t guarantee you anything, it really is all about experience.
    And ‘who you know’ is so important! I’ve had so many opportunities come up for my blog and business through networking and attending blog events.

    Thanks for a great post guys xxx


  2. As a recent graduate with honours, I can completely relate to the first point. I genuinely thought I was going to find a job right away. The more applications I send and jobs I don’t get, the more I feel like a failure. I feel the pressure of expectations on my shoulders. All those years of studying and hard work are supposed to pay off. But they aren’t. I spend my time trying to figure out what it is exactly that I lack. And that’s not a good mental space to be living in. I thought this new chapter of my life was going to offer me everything I have always wanted: experience, purpose, independence. Instead there’s frustration and self-doubt. I’m working on myself every day to develop a more stable sense of self, one that does not rely on external validation.

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