5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immune System Right Now



It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we’re all sniffling and coughing. The days are shorter and the work days are longer so making sure our immune system is ready to fight anything is at the top of our lists! Nobody likes the common cold so avoiding it at any cost is a must for many of us! So, instead of avoiding your coworker who has come into the office sick boost your immune system instead! And whilst we can’t avoid it entirely, it’s best to find out how you can best keep it at bay:

1. Avoid stress

This can be easier said than done, especially when stress can just creep up on us any time of the day. We can’t avoid everyday factors that bring this outside stress into our lives but we can change how we react to them! I don’t have to be the one to tell you that stress is bad for you but it really, really is! It can even make you feel sick. Studies show those that are more stressed are more likely to be ill. So, if you want to combat stress we’ve got some suggestions that will help you let it go!


2. Take antioxidants

The only way your immune system will function at its best is when you are providing your body with a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals that it essentially needs. So, rather than just cramming in a load of Vitamin C when your cold has full on arrived, plan ahead instead. Find out what foods are rich and full of vitamins and include them in your daily routine.

More than just boosting your immune system this will also help your body to feel much better and help you on the path to achieving your goals. You can find these vitamins in foods like Broccoli, Almond Nuts, and any Citrus foods.

3. Get enough shut-eye

I think this is something we can all do easily. But, you will have to make sure you get your recommended amount of sleep every evening. It can be hard to get into this routine at first, especially when you want to watch that one last episode on Netflix.

But, after a week your body will get into this natural cycle and tell you when it’s ready to go to sleep. And listening to your body is important. So, the secret to keeping away those colds is by getting more sleep! Not bad!

4. Sweat away your cold

It’s probably no news to you that hitting the gym when you feel your worst can actually help you feel better. But obviously when we’re suffering from the flu working out is usually the last thing on our mind. That’s why it’s important to keep going and trust me, you will feel much better because of it.

Don’t do heavy cardio as you don’t want to overdo it but light exercises like Yoga, which won’t only help your immune system be the strongest it can be but help to relax your mind too!

5. Let some sunshine into your life

Believe it or not but a lot of people are seriously into their vitamins and with good reason. And Vitamin D can play an essential factor in not only strengthening your immune system but helping your hair and nails grow!

Vitamin D is only naturally produced when your body gets enough sunshine. and seeing as we can’t be jet away on holiday during the winter months it’s essential to include it in your routine. Because it’s a major factor that scientists dispute could be causing your common, nasty cold!


How do you avoid the dreaded common cold? Let us know in the comments section below



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