How To Break Free From Consumerism: The Minimalist Lifestyle


Back to basics and less is more, are the motto’s of most people who choose to live the minimalist lifestyle. It sounds like emotional freedom from consumerism, material possessions, clutter and debt. We are a generation that prides itself on the accumulation of stuff and where everything needs to be bigger and better.

The minimalist lifestyle is the opposite of all that, you live above your possessions and only have what you need. This does not mean it cannot be expensive or beautiful, but everything that you own has its necessity in your life. You throw out what you do not use and need, in order to focus on the things you do need.

Although this lifestyle may not be for everyone, it definitely has its benefits. It makes cleaning so much easier and you are not focussed anymore on material possessions which, lets be honest, will save you a lot of time. In stead you focus on improving and developing yourself.

Of course you do not want to throw all your beautiful clothes, bags and shoes out straight away, you want to start easy. The next 7 tips will help you to make a start with the minimalist lifestyle or simply help you to purge your life!

#1 – Create Room For What Is Important 

What are the basics that you need in order to live your life? You do not need 15 towels or 7 pots when you live alone. When we purge our house we create peace and space, which we can use to fill up our lives with meaning instead of material possessions.


#2 – No Bargain Hunting

Probably the hardest one of them all. You do not need to buy that dress because it is in sale (a sentence I told myself 1000 times!). Buy what you need and only when you need it!


#3 – Do Not Focus On Material Possessions

All the stuff and materialistic things are just a distraction. The media presents us that happiness falls and stands with our material possessions, but money cannot buy happiness, just comfort. There is nothing wrong with enjoying stuff, just realize that you do not need it!


#4 – Do Not Organize But Purge

Everything in your house should have its function. Set a deadline for yourself, if you have not touched a certain item in x months, you bring it to charity or give it away. Do not restore or re-organize it, you did not need it all these months, you won’t need it now.

#5 – Keep Everything Clean

Clean house, clear head! There is nothing better than coming home to a clean, purge, minimalist house were everything has its function. You can focus on the more important things in life and because you have the minimum in your house, cleaning will be 100 quicker.

#6 – Make A Wish List

In stead of spending money on material things, invest in yourself! Go follow the language course abroad that you always wanted to follow, go do your masters or learn that discipline that you always wanted to learn but never had the time or money for (because you spend it on material things).

#7 – If You Do Not Use It, Lose It!

Less laundry and less hassle with ‘What to wear’. Give away the clothes that you do not need, and keep some basic and key items that you can use in different outfits.