How to Build A Routine When Working From Home Is The New Normal


Looking for things to do when working from home? Working from home can be great. You have more flexibility and a much shorter commute. However, it also means you have set your schedule, something that can be very overwhelming! Here are some simple steps to help you build a routine when working from home is the new normal. 


Create your space

Create a dedicated space for work, whether it be your kitchen table, a coffee shop, a desk, etc. Much like what your office was, this is your designated area for all things work-related, and that mental association will help you create a strong work from home routine. If you are working in a space that has multiple functions, set clear boundaries for when it’s being used for what. For example, if you are working at your kitchen table, pack up your computer and notebook at the end of the day. This ritual will help you mentally wind down from the day and signal to your brain that it’s time to relax. 


Set a schedule

When working from home, it’s crucial to have a set schedule in place. It creates a sense of consistency and normalcy that can boost productivity and focus. If your normal work hours are 9 am-5 pm, then aim to mirror that schedule at home. Keeping to a set schedule will help motivate you to jumpstart your work and smash your goals! Using a planner such as the Getting Stuff Done planner is a great way to keep your day on track. 


Dress the part

Putting on “real” clothes can help put you in the right mindset to tackle your professional to-do list, so stick to your normal getting ready routine. Shower, do your make up and put on clothes you’d wear to work. You’ll feel more ready to jump into projects than you would if you were still wearing the clothes you slept in. If you have a day full of video calls ahead of you, make sure whatever can be seen on camera is professional and appropriate. 


Make time for a workout

When you set up your schedule, be sure to include the time that allows for a workout. Since we’re working from home, we don’t need to walk to conference rooms or to the printer. As a result, we spend most of the day in a stationary position. Whether it’s an early morning run, an afternoon yoga session, or a post-dinner walk, try to work in at least 30 minutes of exercise. One of the perks of working from home is more flexibility in your schedule. If you find you have a break in the day with no calls or pressing projects, use it to your advantage and squeeze in a quick workout!


Go outside

Since working from home is the new normal, now more than ever it’s important to remember to leave your home now and then. Take a walk or read a book in the park! Not only is fresh air and sunlight good for you, but the change of scenery will also refresh and revitalize you, boosting motivation and productivity. 

By Natalie Garagiola