8 Bad Habits You Must Eliminate From Your Daily Routine


Asking yourself how to change a bad habit?

We all have bad habits, some bad habits, you might not even be conscious you’re guilty of! Here are a few of the most common bad habits and a couple of tips to turn them into good ones. Be sure to notice, and eliminate, the following from your daily routines for better well-being throughout your day. 

1. Not working on your goals.

These days it’s so easy to work on what you want. You don’t need to spend years creating the life you’re dreaming of, just be kind to yourself and set real actionable goals. We created the Getting Stuff Done planner make creating structure easy so that you can work on your success.

The number one bad habit we all have is wishing for success instead of working for it, which is why it’s so important to create a structure for your day.

2. Skipping breakfast.

The most important meal of the day shouldn’t be neglected! And by the way, that stale donut in the break room doesn’t count, as there are no nutrients in it. That’s why the Getting Stuff Done planner contains sections for every meal from your breakfast to your dinner and snacks in between, so you can really stay on top of what you eat.

3. Comparing yourself to others.

This is a recipe to become either vain or bitter—comparing your achievements, hopes, and dreams to that of someone in a completely different (or even completely similar!) situation is a waste of time. Instead of waking up your inner green-eyed monster, focus on you instead.

4. Fidgeting in anxious situations.

Fidgeting in its many forms is a sure signal to the world that you’re not focused or that you are nervous. If you’re looking to derail this bad habit, try holding something in your hands like a pen or a notebook, so that your hands are occupied. But if you’re giving a presentation and you can’t hold on to a prop. Try using your hands to emphasize points. Not only do you look more professional, but it stops those fidgeting fingers!

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5. Staying in on your lunch break.

Taking a break is pivotal for your mental health—and before you claim that you’re doing it for the greater good of your office, remember that it impacts performance! Make sure you take the time to go outside, stretch your legs, breathe the fresh air and come back feeling energized! You can use the Win At Life journal to really stay on top of your efforts towards a better daily routine. Whether you’re going out to eat or just to read in a nearby open space. That time outside those four walls will mean you come back revitalized, ready to give your one hundred percent!

6. Not paying attention to your money.

That coffee you spend $4 every day might be the best cup of Joe in town….but do you realize you’re spending $20 a week on coffee? (That’s $1040/year!) How about the money you spend on bottled water? Cigarettes? Gum? Before you reach for your plastic, make sure you’re purchasing mindfully, with a set intention for where you want your money to go.

7. Slouching.

Pay attention to your posture, girl! Carry yourself with pride, and not only will your back thank you later, but you’ll breathe easier. Take a minute to pull your shoulder blades behind you and see how good it feels!

8. Going to bed late.

Yes, I know, you just need to watch that last episode, but sleep is important for growth, memory redemption, weight management, and much more! Set a bedtime alarm to ensure you’re getting a full eight hours’ rest.

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