The 10 Day Challenge To Get Your Life Together

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Being the busy Career Girls you are, it’s easy for life to fall off the tracks sometimes.

Sometimes you just want to know how to change your life and be happy. When work life becomes your only life, you find yourself going through the motions and suddenly it’s months later and you’ve done nothing for you. Trust me, I get it. Working towards you career is important, as long as you don’t forget about yourself along the way.

Your work life isn’t your only life. Sometimes, you just gotta do it for you. And if you’re struggling to keep it all together then take a breath and start with this challenge:

Day #1 Be grateful

Girls, we actually do so much in one day and our skills continuously grow! But we never look back and recognize this. We may feel ten steps away from our goals when in reality it could only be two steps. Start by keeping a journal of all your mini-milestones. Our Getting Things Done planner is perfect for that, luckily we’re giving one away before launch day, so make sure you enter the giveaway now.

Day #2 Be the healthier version of yourself

We all love a cheat day, but not so much when it turns into a cheat month. It’s time to get back on track. Start with a new routine for a new girl, who knows what she wants. Don’t workout to lose weight but to let out all those frustrations of the day. Release those positive hormones that will take you into this week as a stronger woman.

Day #3 Cook a healthy meal

You might already be used to doing this, but instead, don’t eat a healthy meal just to fit into those jeans, but eat a healthy meal you actually enjoy (this will help you for staying healthy in the future). It’s all about training your brain and when you enjoy something, it’s a lot easier to stick to! Cook a meal you’ve been wanting to try for a while. I always gather my best girl pals together when I cook to bring boy talk and good food together!

Day #4 Get your beauty sleep on

No checking your emails one last time. No scrolling through Instagram for five more minutes. No more ‘one more episode.’ Actually, dedicate your time for sleep. Yes, you even have to schedule that! Because it’s so easy to forget you need your rest, especially when you’ve been going a hundred miles per hour all day. Your minimum is eight hours so allow yourself that, and see how much better your week is!

Day #5 Work on you, for you

There’s something you’ve been dying to work on, but always blame being too busy to do it. Eventually, you never do it, but always wish you did. Today actually do it. No more excuses! Half the time you’re just too scared to jump back in, but once you’ve bitten the bullet you’ll remember why you enjoyed it in the first place.

Day #6 Treat yo’self

Whether it’s binging Netflix, or buying yourself that item you’ve been dying to get for a while, it’s time to treat yourself. I do this quite regularly, especially being an adult you need to reward yourself for your hard work. Being a kid you get gold stars, as an adult you choose!

Day #7 Read a book for fun

I can’t remember the last time I did this and I love reading, sometimes everything just gets on top of you and you forget that you actually have other passions (outside of work). There’s nothing better than taking that time to lose yourself in a different world. Find your love again, or discover a new one!

Day #8 Pamper yourself

Every girl has gotta do it and I find myself doing it more often than not. It’s an excuse to up my skincare routine too! Get one of your best girl pals round and turn into Mask and Netflix! Exchange products and look your best.

Day #9 Take a walk

Gather your thoughts and take a long stroll, there’s nothing better than just taking a walk. It will give you a good sense of mind and boost your happy hormones. Plus you’ll be getting out of the house and feeling better for it!

Day #10 Do something new

Get out of that comfort zone of yours and try something you’ve never even thought about doing before. I’m not telling you to go and jump out of a plane, but try something new and surprise yourself. You may actually discover something you really like!



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  • dreamofadventures

    This is such a great list! I love each affirmation for each day.

  • Victoria Louise

    I love these happy, positive tips. They sound so simple but in reality not a lot of us practice them very often at all.

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    I really do appreciate it <3
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  • Fortune Dushey

    Thank you for the inspiration and motivation! Keeping a journal sounds like a great idea!