How To Create A Vision Board For 2020 And Chase Your Dreams


Wondering what to put on a vision board? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You might remember this article we did way back in 2015, well times have changed since then, and since a new decade is starting – it’s time to revisit the old vision board and use it to guide you into a better, more successful 2020.

So, if you’re ready, here’s how to build a vision board right now that will help you smash every single goal in 2020.


Decide what you want

Start off by deciding what you really, really, want in 2020. Make a list that represents your top goals, your feelings, and the general vibe of the year. Start with a vibe, what do you want 2020 to feel like, do you want it to be a restful year or a busy one? Then think of what you want to do in 2020, do you want to travel more? Climb the career ladder? Buy a car? Go for big, wide goals as well as small ones.

Finally, write down one crazy thing you want to do, like jump out of a plane or buy a new car. Your vision board is about positively visualizing what you want to make happen.


Buy a canvas or frame

Your vision board can be a piece of art in your home. Forget what you have in mind about a ratty piece of paper with cut-outs on it. You need a vision board that inspires you whenever you look at it and can keep you motivated when motivation is low.

Your vision board can become a living art installment in your home.

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Collect your images

Although you want it to be themed, it’s important to choose images that reflect your goal. Of course, you can use magazines, a good starting point would be to buy a stack and go from there, but you can also use websites to source and print images yourself.

For example, you can trawl Unsplash to find the perfect photo that fits your goals. You can also add quotes, advertorials, and other photos to make it look aesthetically pleasing.


Get some inspiration

There’s a reason we love sites like Designspiration and Pinterest. You can really get inspired by the kind of vision board you want to create. You can also look on Creative Market for freebies you can add to your vision board, every week there are new free digital elements from illustrations to fonts and quotes, you can build something amazing with the right photo or graphic.


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