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Like it or not as Career Girls, many of us find ourselves stuck at a desk for most of the day. On paper this idea seems rather unappealing, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, spending so long in one vicinity builds a pretty strong bond and we do find ourselves forming a weird attachment to our desks. Especially if they’re looking as good as us!

So to avoid getting down in the desk dumps, here are our suggestions on how to build the perfect desk. A place we’re eager to return to and an oasis of productivity!


1. Keep it minimal




The last thing you need when you have piles of work to get through is clutter. Space is key to a perfect desk. You need the option to spread out and breathe if you have any intention of getting work done!

Keep only the necessities out. Planners and stationery that adds to your pretty desk while helping you get things done are important. Not only will they add to the feng shui of your desk situation, they’ll keep you organized and streamlined. Our Getting Things Done planner is a best-seller for a reason, it’ll bring minimalism into your desk space while helping you smash your goals.

Keep the colors clean and fresh to encourage productivity. They’re balanced, non-constrictive and reassuring, perfect for calming you in the most trying of days!



2. Personalize it



Inject a little of you into your desk. It is an extension of yourself after all! Pin up some of your photographs, add some accent décor you usually would keep at home or in your bedroom: cushions, some easy reading when you need five minutes to clear your mind or cute and convenient dishes to keep pencil sharpening’s in, or those gorgeous but annoyingly noisy earrings you just can’t keep in any longer !

Anything that’s going to comfort and make the working process all that more pleasurable. Remember it’s your desk and it should be as unique as you. Celebrate yourself in the place where you are at your most inspirational!



3. Make it zen





We’re Career Girls. We love to work. But it can be demanding on us mentally! To try and eliminate some of this stress, make your desk a hub of zen.

Burn candles, or purchase a humidifier and mix essential oils in the water, surround yourself with succulents and drape your chair in a fluffy throw! Encourage a little Feng Shui with continuity in colors and layout. Feng Shui is affecting you every minute of every day, whether you realize it or not. Let’s influence ourselves in the right way and inspire good vibes from the outside in!


4. Light and bright


Lighting is so important to a perfect desk space. Having a brightly lit workspace boosts our mood and productivity and prevents us from straining our eyes.

Make sure to invest in an excellent lamp to push away the drowse and keep energized for longer! You can even play with lighting by installing some fairy lights or lanterns around your desk.

If you get to decide where your workspace is, try to set it up in line with a window. Natural light is the best light for serotonin production and we could all use a little more of this when working overtime!

Remember, a beautiful space to work in will boost creativity and allow for more focused work! So what are you waiting for!? Start dressing your desk now!





What are your desk essentials? Let us know the comments below…


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  1. I’m really excited to get my own office hopefully once we start looking into buying a house soon. My fiance has an ancient (and incredibly heavy) one we’ve been hauling around for many moves, and I really hate it.

    I didn’t need it much until I started freelance writing recently, and now every little thing about it bugs me! I’ll be getting a beautiful, new, airy version for myself soon enough. And no more clip on lights!

  2. Obsessed with this post, so good and I am going to apply this to the making of my desk space now! x

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