How To Create The Perfect Shape For Your Eyebrows



We sometimes forget that the perfect shape for the eyebrows is different for everyone and also depends on the shape your face. Luckily for us there are a few tips and tricks to get your eyebrows in the perfect shape and form.





#1. Shaping
There is a simple trick for shaping your eyebrows. Take a pencil and hold it vertically next to your nose, this needs to be the start of your eyebrow.

Then move the pencil (still next to your nose) in such a way that it is a diagonal line across your pupil. The place that now designates the top of the pencil, is the place where the arch of your eyebrow should be.

Move the pencil to the outside of your eye, the tip of the pencil now points at the spot where your brow should end.


Make Up Your Mind


#2 – Tweezing/waxing/threading
Keep the tips from step 1 in mind and if your find it useful, mark the 3 spots from the beginning, arch and end your eyebrow. Pluck the hairs out below the brow keeping your shape in mind. If some hairs are too long, use an eyebrow brush and small scissors to cut them and brush your eyebrows when you are done.




#3 Make-up
There are lots of different eyebrow make-up tools you can use to make your eyebrow even look better. Eyebrow pencil, brush and powder are probably the most common once. Either way, you start with the edges of your eyebrows and work your to the center of your eyebrows.



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  • Lauren

    I think I’m an oval/round/square mix which is really unhelpful haha – I like to just shape them lightly and let them look as natural as possible

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Anna

    I’ve always find that eyebrows are the most complicated thing to do!!! So that was helpful :) Also the golden eyebrows are amaziiing <3

  • Leanne

    This is so useful! I struggled for many years to find my perfect shape, this post will definitely help those who are struggling themselves x

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