3 Ways To Deal With Competition In The Workplace And How To Overcome It

For most people who work in teams or departments, during the course of your career you will experience competition. Competition can be healthy, but it can also be unhealthy, the kind of competition we partake in should drive us to work harder. If you start to feel jealous, insecure and under appreciated because of workplace competition you need to shake it off and overcome it. Here’s how to deal with competition in the workplace.

Always keep in mind “Team work makes the dream work”

If you work in a team and you are constantly competing against one another in a negative way chances are you have individual agendas and will not meet the core objectives of the team or department. It is always very important to work as a team in unity as this helps to make the whole experience of working together much easier. If you’re constantly being competed with the best thing to do is just shrug it off and accept a loss, whoever is competing with you will get bored.

Get a mentor

Most successful people talk of having a mentor who has guided them during their career path. You also need a mentor that will give you exposure in your field and help build you up. A mentor can help you value your own success which will stop you comparing yourself to others or feeling inadequate.

Don’t take the competition personally

Everyone is trying to stand out and shine, your colleague may start acting hostile and aggressive towards you. Stop and think, is it really you? Most competitive people tend to feel threatened by your abilities rather than you as a person. Have you noticed that outside of work you get along with some colleagues but at work it’s all drama? That means your achievements in the office are what’s motivating the competition, not your personality.

The best thing you can do when you get home is put on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and dance around the house like a lunatic.

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