Dealing With Rejection: 4 Tips On How To Turn It All Around

Rejection, we all hate it, we all fear it, but unfortunately we all have to deal with it in life, some time or another. Whether it is in your personal or professional life, rejection is one of those ego-reducing emotions that can make us feel angry, insecure and unwanted.

Although rejection can be really painful, if you understand the concept of rejection and how to deal with it, it will help you to view it as a necessary and even positive element in life. This way you will be able to overcome the negative feelings, turn these into positives and use it to your benefit to create a stronger and more powerful you.

So when you get rejected, just keep these 4 elements in mind and you will be able to turn it all around:

1 – It Is Not Personal
The main reason why rejection can be so hurtful is because we are emotionally attached to the person we got rejected by (or the job we really wanted to have). If there were no emotions involved, we would not really care about the fact that we got ‘rejected’.

Because we take it personally, we tend to blame ourselves for what happened and think that there must be something wrong with us in order for someone to reject us. Most of the times, it has absolutely nothing to do with us and the person who rejected us has totally other reasons why.

Always remember that you never fully know what someone else is thinking and therefore you can’t interpret why they rejected you.

2 – It Doesn’t Define Who You Are
Always know your worth, what you stand for and who you are. Most of us experience a negative feeling towards ourselves and think that, like mentioned in #1, the rejection defines us as a person. Luckily it absolutely does not and it happens to the best of us.

Next time you get rejected, think of all your positive characteristics, your talents and amazing things you have established and done.

#3 – Everything happens for a reason
Always keep in mind that there probably is a reason why you got rejected. It may take time before you see and why, but in the end you will understand why it went the way it went and sometimes even be happy you got rejected.

#4 – Use it for a better you
Life rises and falls with your attitude towards things and how you act upon it. If you see rejection as an opportunity to learn from your experience and reflect on yourself, rejection will become a valuable aspect in your life and you will learn how to grow from it.