How To Use Social Media To Become Super Successful

Although we tend to think of social media as our private, personal hub, there are hundreds of benefits to using these accounts to promote our work and connect with employers.

The internet has become an invaluable tool to connect people with companies, and make people aware of entrepreneurs, bloggers and small shop owners that they wouldn’t necessarily have discovered before. If you’re unsure whether you’re using your social media accounts to their full potential, read on – here’s how to use your accounts to become super successful!

#1 Facebook

1.39 billion monthly active Facebook users
4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily (Source)

Tips for personal use:

Make sure your page is private, with an appropriate profile image attached that can be seen if you’re searched for, employers won’t admit to social media stalking you but it’s a simple trick to keep your online reputation safe. Half of employers admit to rejecting potential employees based on their Facebook accounts according to the Telegraph, and 66% of hiring managers said they’d hold poor spelling and grammar against candidates.

Tips for business use:

Make sure your page or account is regularly updated and is in keeping with the aesthetic of your business. Read our branding guide if you need help deciding what your aesthetics are. Pages have great features such as targeted ads and the ability to ask your followers a question, The English Cheesecake Company reported that they gained 4,500 likes through their primary sponsored stories campaign alone.

Don’t treat your page like a personal account, by all means post content featured on other social media but also make sure there is some exclusive content that ensures followers of your multiple platforms don’t get spammed with the same stories.

#2 Twitter.

284 million monthly active users (Source)
70% of small business are on Twitter
85% of followers feel more connected with businesses because of Twitter (Source)

Tips for personal use: 

Again, be wary of your image online, but also be aware that a public profile is more desirable for Twitter as others can retweet your tweets and you can directly interact with companies, celebrities and public figures more easily.

Twitter is a great way to promote yourself and stay in-the-know about the people you admire, with the added bonus that you might even get a direct response from people if you ask for advice or tweet something witty and inoffensive. Twitter is also good for finding employment, make sure you follow the organisations you’re interested in and that your account shows your professional credentials. Follow accounts like @ukfashionintern and @mediamuppet to keep up to date with fashion and media jobs and opportunities around the United Kingdom.

Tips for business use:

Hootsuite is an invaluable tool for scheduling social media posts and is regularly used by companies to schedule Twitter posts. Make sure you use business appropriate hashtags and monitor similar hashtags to participate in conversations with other users.

Keep your followers in the loop with recent things you’ve been doing but also engage them in conversation, retweet the things that they’ve been saying about you and be gracious for their time and feedback. Post original thoughts, and aesthetically pleasing photographs that others will retweet – and host industry chats or join lists relevant to the kind of business you’re involved in. For bloggers, check hashtags such as #lbloggers, #fbloggers and #blogchat, and keep up a conversation with other bloggers and creatives.

#3 Pinterest

70 million users
500, 000 business accounts (Source)

Tips for personal use:

Pinterest is a visual mood board, and can help you find a wealth of inspiring and creative images. You can create a board for just about anything, things you want to try, travel destinations or cute pictures of cats, and it’s great for keeping up with what’s cool at the moment.

The capabilities of Pinterest are endless, use it to gather recipes or see what the Pinterest elite, such as contributing editor of Vogue Lauren Santo Domigo, are pinning. Did you know, Pinterest is also great for freebies? Searching for ‘free printables’, ‘free social media icons’ or ‘free desktop backgrounds’ will bring up tonnes of offerings from talented artists, designers and bloggers for your own personal use.

Tips for business use:

Create boards with content from your business alongside visually appealing images and things that relate to your own content. Popular boards include content that users want in their own boards.

Make sure the front covers of all your boards contribute to the overall image of your business, it’s a small tip but when people initially click on they will look at the aesthetic of your profile, a good example of board cohesion is Beth Kirby of Local Milk, she makes sure the front cover of her boards work together and link in with the overall aesthetic of her website.

Posting catchy titles and links to your work in the blurb underneath a picture is a great way to get people to click on, while tracking pins from similar companies or competitors is a good way to see what works and what you want to avoid.


  • Norah @ Made by Nor

    I quite liked the idea of using Hootsuite. I’m always looking for new ways to get myself organised and making use of new technology to do this so I look forward to giving this a go. Thank you for sharing.

    • Beth

      No problem Norah! Hootsuite is pretty good, major publications in the UK tend to use it as a way of organising their social media posts. :) Glad you liked it. xo

  • JLu

    So helpful! Thank you

    • Beth

      Thanks! I’m glad you found it helpful, obviously there are so many more social media accounts out there – perhaps I’ll follow up this article in the future with some handy instagram tips :D xox

  • Ditte Christiansen

    I have so much to learn! So helpful, thank you

  • Amanda Winchester

    Some awesome points! I didn’t actually think employers would look up potential employees on social media, but it makes sense that they would do! Luckily, I usually keep Facebook and Twitter pretty clean, anyway (phew) x

    • Beth

      Thank you Amanda!! It’s surprising how many employers do just that, it’s another way of checking you’re employable I suppose! Eek! I think my Facebook profile pics are sometimes enough to scare anyone away though, haha! xoxo

  • itsallaboutsonia

    such great tips

  • Lauren

    I use twitter and instagram a lot to promote, and Buffer for me is the best as I can use the app too. Even if you share a personal and professional profile, you should always be wary and thoughtful of what you post

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

    • Beth

      Thanks for the tip Lauren, I hadn’t actually come across Buffer but it sounds pretty good! Social media can be quite scary if you think about what you’re putting out there! But you’re right, just be wary and no potential employers will be unimpressed. xox

  • Ari

    I use Hootsuite as well for work and I really can’t complain about it. It definitely helps a lot to get organized and plan ahead of time.

  • Courtney

    Great Tips. Thank You!

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    This is really helpful if your just starting out with blogging like me, so much to learn.
    Thank you xxx

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    Super informative article breaking down social media….thank you!

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  • Mackenzie

    This is so helpful! Some things are more common sense than others like how you would want to represent yourself nicely to your personal friends and any stalkers!! I love Pinterest for blogging tips and ideas – its where i got the courage up to create my own lifestyle/fitness/beauty blog! Im still in the learning curve and posts like these will always gain my interest in making the best blogger I can be :) thanks! xx


    Great tips! thanks for sharing! sometimes social media can be a little bit overwelming!

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