How To Define Success In Your Late 20’s

Success is one of those things that just about everyone desires in one or more aspects of their personal and professional lives. While we crave success and try so hard to reach it by a certain age sometimes our plans don’t always go…well, according to plan. How many of us are more than five years post college life (which almost seems like another lifetime) but haven’t quite accomplished all that we said we would?

Now your 30th birthday is a little too close for comfort and you’re really feeling the pressure to become successful. Calm down. I promise you have not let yourself down. So maybe you’re not where you thought you would be. That crazy myth that you’re supposed to have it all together by (insert some crazy ridiculously young age here) is just that, a myth.

Success is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Think about everything that is going right in your life, and celebrate those wins. Even if they are small wins, they still count and they deserve to be celebrated. The small wins often lead us on the path to our biggest wins.

What matters most to you in life?

Maybe it is being steadily employed, getting a promotion, great health, being able to add a new stamp in your passport book each year, having a close knit circle of amazing family and friends, or finally being able to splurge on that designer handbag that took you forever to save up for (you really look like an official career girl now).

Celebrate all that brings you happiness!

Your hard work, your accomplishments, your strength and resilience to keep fighting for your dreams and never allowing failures to hold you back are what make you successful. Success is this complex thing but it belongs to you now. However you choose to define success, make sure you define it in your own words. The amazing thing about success is that you get to define what success looks like and means to you, on your terms, and at any age.

Written by Brandi Mishonna Henderson.


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Featured Photo: Rana Demir

  1. It terrifies me to get to thirty (and I’m not event 20 yet) because I feel like if you don’t have your life together at that age it’s over for you. Adulthood is so freaking scary

  2. Hey Camille,
    Don’t worry about getting older. Adulthood is definitely scary and frustrating, however think about it in perspective. If you continue to try and be the best version of yourself, getting older will simply bring you wisdom, experiences and new love.
    Bon courage!

  3. Celebrating all that brings you happiness is so important!

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