How To Redesign Your CV To Get Your Dream Job

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When it comes to looking and applying for jobs, you’ll more than likely require a CV or resume. Writing a CV can be boring and seem tedious, but it’s just one of those things that have got to be done. However, you might have missed out on some great jobs because you’re missing some defining touches, like how to design a cv that’ll get you noticed!

After all, employers go through hundreds of those pesky documents! You need yours to stand out. You might already have a CV, and you’re just wanting to spruce it up, or perhaps you need some tips because you’re creating one for the first time. Whatever your reasons, you’ve come to the right place for some quick tips and tricks to make sure your CV gets you the job you want!

1. Find a good program to create your CV

I was blissfully unaware of what I could achieve in terms of the appearance and layout of my CV until my boyfriend sent me his. As a graphic designer, he obviously knew what he was doing! Up until then, my CV existed as a sad word document on my laptop. Boring standard font, basic layout, no color whatsoever. No one would hire me based on that, surely!

My boyfriend had used InDesign to style his CV, but as I’m no fancy-pants designer, I found a happy (free) alternative online. Lucidpress is a great online program where you can design anything from flyers, letters, magazines, or just start with a blank template. There’s also Canva which does basically the same thing. If you’re not design-minded, you can also find so many amazing templates to work with. You might not think it needs to look good, but trust us, you can find a template that will help you stand out no matter what job you’re going for.

2. Do your research

Say goodbye to that plain and boring layout that you’ve been using. It’s time to create one that you know people will pay attention to. But when it comes to designing your CV, you shouldn’t go overboard and clutter it or make too colorful. Remember, this is a professional document you’ll be sharing with possible employers.

Keep the fonts simple and elegant, and the text evenly spaced throughout the page. If you want to add some color, keep it simple and incorporate it sparingly. Sticking to a coordinating color scheme is key, as you don’t want it to look garish or messy. When redesigning my CV, I used Pinterest to search for design ideas, and there are so many!

3. Make it, and yourself, stand out

When it comes to the content of your CV, you may want to go back and check that it’s concise, relevant and that you’ve tailored it for whatever job you’re after. Check out our guide to creating a perfect CV here.

Using a few short sentences, demonstrate your passion and interest in the role you’re applying for, and mention anything that might set you apart. Perhaps you took a short course for an interesting subject or volunteered for something. Anything that demonstrates you’re a multifaceted individual with different skills and interests is useful. After all, they have to want to work with you as a person!

How do you design your CV or resume? Let us know if you have any tips or tricks to make it stand out!


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