How To Detox From Your Hectic Weekend In One Day

Have you had a hectic weekend? It can be nice to have fun, but heavy meals, late nights and plenty of social time can actually wear you out more than help you relax. By the time Monday comes around you have to get back to work with a bloated belly, tired skin and a bad mood. No wonder you want to cry when your alarm sounds. Here’s how to detox from that hectic weekend in one day and be back to your normal self.

#1 Start early

It may hurt but waking up early is the best way to start your day. Leave time for a hot shower and grab a bowl of porridge or prepare a Goji bowl. Eating something that will slowly release energy is a great way to give yourself a spring in your step. In the morning focus on getting yourself ready for work, pack your bag, put on your clothes and do your hair and makeup, leave catching up with social networks for your commute. If you need more time to rest, do 5 minutes of meditation – it will help you feel rested.

#2 Soothe your tired eyes

Sore eyes can make you feel worse than you are, so if you have time, apply some under eye patches or a cooling eye mask like ‘Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer’ from Anatomicals. Trust us, you’ll feel instantly refreshed.

#3 Survive your commute

If you aren’t driving, we recommend reading a book and listening to some peppy music to wake you up on a weekday, the best way to survive your commute is to bring some fruit infused water with you, too. It’ll help you stay hydrated and awake and tastes amazing. If you can, walk a little longer than you normally would, too. It sounds like a horrible thing to do, but it helps you get more fresh air and get moving.

#4 Bring snacks

Having snacks by your desk will help you carry on through the day, we don’t mean cake and biscuits though, we mean houmous and carrots fruits. If you need sweet, we recommend a nutritious breakfast bar. Weekends can be treat days, but try to stay balanced throughout the week, you’ll have more energy and your body will thank you for it. Remember to stay hydrated, too. If you have an infuser water bottle like the Sagaform Fruit Infuser Water Bottle from Urban Outfitters, bring it with you!

#5 Use your lunch break

With your lunch break, opt for something nourishing and nutritious. We don’t just mean a salad, you need something to help you get through the day, go for a smoothie if you have time and take a walk around the area. By getting out of the workplace you’ll avoid the mid day slump.

#6 Take dinner home with you

If possible, pick something up to eat when you get home. A healthy soup or Moroccan salad is a good enough take-home option, that way you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen when you get home.

#7 Have some much-deserved me-time

It’s tempting to get home, put on your PJs and watch TV for the rest of the evening, but check yourself into your home spa instead. You survived a day in the office after a crazy weekend. Get home, prepare yourself a hot bath (complete with amazing Jo Malone’s Wild Fig & Cassis bath oil and scented Diptique candles) grab your favourite book or magazine and just soak for half an hour. When you come out, spend a little bit of time on your skincare routine and do something nice like painting your nails. Wrap yourself up in a fluffy bathrobe, have your nourishing dinner, put on the TV and unwind.

#8 Don’t undo the detox

If you’ve had a healthy, detoxing day, don’t undo your efforts by having a glass of wine or staying up late. Go to bed at a time that will allow you to have enough sleep, put on some overnight moisturiser, prepare your outfit and bag for tomorrow to give you a little extra time in bed and relax in the knowledge that by Friday, you’ll be ready to do it all over again! Also if you’re interested in giving your health a super boost check David Kirsch’s range of amazing supplement all the VS models seems to love!

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  1. Love this post. I’ve had a hectic weekend so this is always reassuring to know I’m not the only one who feels like crap! :)

  2. I’ve been way to harsh on my body this past weekend, so thank you for this great post! XX from DK

  3. This is really super advice….i find the days i can get up with time for a shower, nice make up and a bowl of porridge with fruit all else gets a little easier. Hydration and energy levels are also hugely connected. Thank you xx

  4. Emma, me too. I always regret my weekends, not just hectic ones but bad choices (pass me all the junk food on the weekend!) x

  5. It’s from, but it’s a few seasons out now – not available anymore! :( Such a shame because it looks so nice! x

  6. Glad you think so Dara :) it all seems very simple but definitely looking after yourself seems to be the hardest thing sometimes. xx

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