5 Smart Ways To Eliminate Eye Bags – For Good!

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Our lives are busy, whether we’re up late working or partying it all adds up. Tired eyes are caused by a variety of things, from loose skin to too much caffeine, while we love the fact that a strong concealer can cover them up we’d rather look after our skin and banish those bags for good!


1. Use an eye mask


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If you’re looking for a fast way to eliminate puffiness and tired, dry eyes, use a cold soothing eye mask for ten minutes. It gives you an excuse to relax and close your eyes for a little bit. These masks may make your vision blurred for a little afterwards but the refreshment you feel will be instant.


2. Lower your risk factors

Eating too much salt can cause bags under your eyes, as can too much caffeine and tobacco. Try to lower these things for your overall health and you’ll see a huge difference in the condition of your skin and the bags under your eyes!

3. Change your sleeping position

Getting enough sleep at night is important, tired eyes are mostly due to lack of sleep, but can also be due to your sleeping position. Sleeping on your side can cause fluid build up under your eyes, so occasionally sleeping on your back or stomach with an extra pillow helps to drain that fluid and stops your eye bags from becoming a permanent feature.


4. Use a serum


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Using a serum instead of a cream could be the answer for you if excess fluid is the problem, there are tonnes of good bag-banishing creams and serums on the market, so finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too hard. Store your eye creams in the fridge for an extra chilled and therapeutic feeling!

5. Get a great concealer


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The best kind of concealer for stubborn eye-bags would be one that’s high coverage and a shade or two lighter than your foundation. Blend it in with a brush or beauty blender to avoid having areas under your eyes that are super pale, and drag the concealer into a v-shape to get the best coverage!

Finally, we can hide our hungover eyes and make people think we get enough sleep at night! Woohoo!



  1. Eye bags are something I am constantly trying to battle! I love the tip of sleeping in a different position, definitely going to have to give that a try :) xx


  2. I have the worrrst eye bags, and I’ve really never thought about the effect of my diet and sleeping position. Thanks for the tips :) x

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