How To Fall Asleep In Under 5 Minutes With The 4-7-8 Method

how to fall asleep fast


As we frantically try to get out butts in gear for 2017, while simultaneously trying to recover from the end of 2016, you might be struggling to get some good quality ZZZs. And you need them now more than ever! No Career Girl wants to start 2017 feeling and looking run down. So tonight when you’re lying in bed trying to get your mind to shut up so you can get some beauty sleep, give the amazing 4-7-8 method a go! We swear by it at Career Girl Daily.

Why it works

The 4-7-8 method has been pioneered by Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard-trained medical doctor. His research for the method is rooted in the ancient Indian practice “pranayama”, which means “regulation of breath”. It’s amazingly simple! Just follow these five easy steps and you should be on your way to a great night’s rest in no time:

1. Breathe loudly

Take a deep breath and then exhale deeply through your mouth, making an audible “whoosh” sound as you do. This is how you start the 4-7-8 method, try it when you’re lying down wishing you were asleep.

2. Inhale

Inhale quietly through your nose to a count of four.

3. Hold your breath again

Hold your breath for a count of seven.

4. Exhale loudly

Exhale loudly and deeply through your mouth to a count of eight.

5. Repeat

Repeat the cycle three to four times!

It’s really that simple! While some researchers have contested the science behind the method, most agree that whatever the science, it’s perfect for calming your body and mind ready for sleep.


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  • Gemma

    I feel relaxed just reading this!


  • Makarena

    I’m definitely trying this! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Ariadna Morell

    I’ve been doing something similar ever since I was young and it does definitely work! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Carolina Calpurnia

    Wow i have never heard of this, but if it work it would be awesome!

    Carolina ;)

  • Preris Life

    Great tip!

  • Amy M

    I’m definitely trying this the next time I find myself lying wide awake in bed ♥

    Amy //

  • Elizabeth Apps

    I struggle to sleep so much sometimes and even just sitting here now once and doing that i felt my body really relax! sounds perfect

  • Lottie Gibbons

    Will try this tonights as I have been struggling with sleep thanks gal! x

  • Nicole

    Wow! I will definitely try this out!

  • Inma

    It’s incredible how listening to the sound of your breath can calm you down. Will try this out for sure!

    Inma x |

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