How To Feel Comfortable When You’re The New Girl In The Office

You did it! You’ve landed your dream job, you’re in an amazing city, and you’ve bought yourself a new work wardrobe worthy of an Instagram account….and you’re the new girl in the office. Which we all know can be very daunting, and downright uncomfortable. You’re coming into a whole new world, where things are done differently than your last job, your role might have different expectations than your last. And of course, everyone already has their lunch buddies.

Knowing what’s expected of you in your role, being confident in your role, and having good relationships with your coworkers are some of the key ingredients to being happy and fulfilled at work. but I’ll let you in on a little secret— sometimes these things don’t come so naturally, and (surprise!) take some extra effort. Here are some things you can do, when you’re not necessarily feeling great at work.

Ask yourself “Why?”

What is specifically making you feel uncomfortable? Are your tasks in your position clear? Do you feel confident in your role? Do you know what’s expected of you? It’s a given that starting a new job can be a bit scary. It can also be hard asking a million questions because you might feel like you’re annoying people. You can change that.

Be bold, be brave, and be a boss!

Although it is an unwritten rule that new coworkers should be asked and not do the asking when it comes to lunch or after work social activities. Sometimes that’s just not the case. Ask your coworkers if you can join, this shows that you want to be friendly and want to make the effort to get to know your coworkers. Building good work relationships will also help you feel more comfortable asking questions at work.

Ask questions.

There is no such thing as a stupid question. When starting a new job, especially when you are in the middle of being trained, it is important to ask questions. The key is asking the right questions. Have you tried figuring things out for yourself first? It’s crazy how many questions we can answer ourselves by trusting your own abilities and having confidence in our decisions. If you’ve already troubleshooted a problem but are still missing some pieces to your puzzle, then there is absolutely no harm in asking! It is better to spend a bit more time finding the right information, than having to guess.

You will always need to leave your comfort zone in order to gain more confidence in your role, at work and in life. Whether it be creating meaningful friendships at work, trying to answer your own questions first, and ultimately having a go-getter attitude, will take you places.

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