5 Steps To Finding A Career You’ll Fall In Love With


Wondering how to find a career you feel good in? I know it sounds simple but to find a feel-good career, you need to ensure that it makes you happy. Life through the lens of social media and the increased popularity of mindfulness can lead you to believe that to be career-happy, you need to pursue a career that sounds good for the soul.

For example, channeling your inner Amal Clooney to become a human rights lawyer or your inner Greta Thunberg to transform into a globe-trotting eco-warrior. Now, do not get me wrong, I would love to take on either of these jobs as they sound great. But, in reality, with two young children, a large London mortgage, and my love of holidays abroad (via airplane), these careers would not make me happy as they would not be compatible with my lifestyle.

Thinking about what I have learned through my experience, here are my top five tips you might find useful when the time comes to starting the search for a new career.

1. Take a Self-Survey

The best way to start thinking about your career ambitions is to think about the life you want and work backward from there. This is how to find a career you feel good in. Is money important to you? Do you want to travel with work or predominantly work from home? Do you want to work for yourself or for others? Manage or be managed? Make a living or fund a lifestyle?  You must understand who you are, decide your priorities, and what makes you tick before you favor one career over another.  

2. Be curious

What are you curious about? What did you love as a child or before life got real? Can you name the areas, the companies, the professions that you are interested in? Once you have identified your curiosities, explore them further, by taking a course, connecting with people, or developing new skills in that particular area.

3. Find your Yoda

Everyone needs a mentor – Eminem had Dr. Dre and Luke Skywalker had Yoda.  Once you have understood your requirements and curiosities, you should discuss your ideas with a mentor who can support, guide, and advise you on your career choices.  This can be a professional life coach, a close friend, a current work colleague, or a family member but it should be someone who can be brutally honest with you.

4. Build your network

Once you have pinpointed a new career, contact as many relevant people as you can through social media or through existing contacts so that you can learn more about this area of work you wish to pursue.  It may be helpful to write an elevator pitch which clearly explains your passion for this new line of work. Even if you do not use the pitch externally, it will help you to consolidate all your ideas, your passions, and conversations that have led you to take on this new challenge. This whole process alone will start to make you feel good.  

5. Be patient

If you have decided to pursue a new career, be curious, try new things, consult your mentor, build your network, do your homework but ultimately be patient before you make the transition.   The best things in life really do come to those who wait.

By Alice England 


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