How To Find Out If Starting A Business Is Really For You


Starting a business isn’t for everyone, if it’s a dream you’ve always had you need to make sure it’s really for you before you commit.

So you want to start a business, you can imagine working from home and reaping the benefits and being your own boss, but you haven’t really thought out the finer points. There are a few ways to figure out if starting a business is for you, if it is, you’d better read our desk accessories article and start prepping your home office fit for a business woman!

You’ve researched it

With every business idea comes a certain set of risks and responsibilities. You know that you don’t make millions overnight, that you’ll have to register your business and do your own taxes, but that’s what you want to do. If you have to live with your parents a little longer, so be it, you’ve researched the niche, the market, your target audience and the steps you’ll have to take to start your business. Being prepared is the first step to being ready, so read our article on 10 career girls that prove anyone can start a business first.


You’ve never followed the crowd 

Most business owners say they never followed the crowd and they always wanted to do their own thing, so if you’re comfortable being by yourself for long periods of time and having to make large decisions about hiring a team, web design, contracts and other important elements of running a business while relying on nobody but yourself to make it happen – then you’re ready. Read how to make money online if you need a passive income while you get on your feet.

You’re money smart 

Unfortunately, you can’t be bad with money if you have a business. Being financially wise is a seriously important skill – so if you need to hire an accountant do so. If not, start by reading our article on managing your money with the 50-20-30 rule!

You did a personality test 

A personality test like 16 Personalities will help tell you what your traits are and what role you’d thrive in. It’s not set in stone, so don’t worry if the outcome isn’t what you expected, but it could give you a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses and therefore which roles you need to hire in and which roles you should do yourself.

You’ve got support

You need a strong support network of friends and family if you’re going to do this. It might be tough to start, you’re going to need to be tough to run a business successfully and start making money, you’re going to have to network and be confident and comfortable and really believe in your business, and sometimes you will feel like shit. The best thing to do is make sure your support network will pick up the pieces and help you out. Read our article on the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before starting a business and then make a flawless plan to get started.

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