7 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Job


Wondering how to find the perfect job? You might already have found it. If you love your job, why would you want to leave? All you need to do is climb that ladder, baby! Sure, early morning alarms don’t get any easier, but the rest of the day sure as hell does. So are you wondering if you’re in the right job?

Here are just a few signs that this is the perfect job for you – how many of these are you ticking off?

1. There’s no time to waste!

When you love your job you’re eager to get sh*t done, that means there’s no such thing as time wasting, and when you aren’t ‘on the clock’ you’re thinking of the things you can do to improve your role and step up your game. You live for performance meetings and you love pleasing your co-workers, because every day feels like a challenge you can actually win!

2. Your work wife has got your back

Loving your job means loving the people you work with, whether it’s your ‘work wife’ or just team members you like collaborating with. Every day is a new opportunity to work with the people you see every single day, so why shouldn’t you love them? Sometimes, work explodes out of work and your constantly pinging WhatsApp chat is just a reminder of that…

3. Instead of gossiping, you’re congratulating 

When you love what you do, you don’t spend time thinking about all the things that went wrong or all the people you hate working with, you spend time gossiping about the good things that happened. Did you hear so-and-so got a promotion? Did you see our new brand guidelines? Yeah, it’s cool, and you’re excited to be a part of it.

4. You think ‘I hope so’ not ‘I hope not’ 

Instead of worrying that you might get chosen to take on a project or speak at a meeting, you’re hopeful that you will get picked. Adding new dimensions of responsibility to the work you do is the fastest way to earn that killer promotion.

5. You get a mood boost from the tasks you do 

Feeling shitty? A few hours a work, some praise from your manager and a meeting later – and you’re strolling home with a spring in your step. Your job gives you goals and a purpose, sometimes you’ll feel crappy even in a job you love but eventually it all balances out and if you do more tasks you love, you’ll end up with a huge mood boost.

6. You hardly ever look at the clock 

Clock watching is a sign of unhappiness, you can’t wait for the clock to roll around so you can GTFO. Of course, even if you love your job you want to leave on a sunny Friday, it’s normal. But most of the time, you aren’t watching the clock and you aren’t rushing out of the door. You make sure everything you need to do is nicely done with a ribbon on top so you can leave feeling happy and satisfied.

7. Meetings are fun

You don’t get it when people say they dread meetings, you love them. You get to grips with exciting new targets, want to get your hands on any project coming your way and love getting strategic with your team members. If you love your job, you’ll sail up the ladder in no time, and even if you don’t, you’re so happy to stay where you are that it doesn’t even matter!



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  • Kaylee K

    I can’t wait until the day I can say I love my job! The day I break into full-time blogging will be that day, but until then, waitressing pays the bills….
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    XX -KK

  • erikaworld



  • Jen Jen

    I love this. It just let’s me know that I’m not yet where I want to be and to keep pushing until I get it!