Finally! How To Fix Any Brow Issue In 60 Seconds


Our generation is obsessed with eyebrows. Considering we came from the era that overplucked, shaved and abused their eyebrows, it’s only natural that we have an unhealthy obsession with other people’s brow shapes.

Healthy, natural eyebrows are so in. But they still need maintenance! Start by reading our ultimate brow article and then have a look at this ultimate guide we created with the help of a makeup artist for banishing those brow issues.



One eyebrow is thicker than the other

Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins. Remember that little gem, it will get you through. If you look at celebrities and YouTubers you’ll start to notice that nobody’s eyebrows are identical. If you’re really worried about unidentical brows use the Brow Definer from Blink Brow Bar and fill in your brows with soft small strokes. Once they’re filled, nobody will even notice them. Promise.



You’ve overplucked or have sparse eyebrows


Create a fuller brow with a powder like Urban Decay’s UD Gwen Stefani Brow Box, using an angled brush just fill out the overplucked areas first before using the remaining product to brush through the brow. Then use a little brow gel like Full Brow Perfecting Gel by CHANTECAILLE to brush through and create the illusion of more hair. To promote growth use a serum like RapidBrow Eye Enhancing Serum to quickly grow eyebrow hair back.

Read what to do when you’re eyebrows have left the building for a more comprehensive guide.


Your eyebrows don’t have tails

Start with the tail and use a wax like Laura Mercier Brow Definer to create the perfect shape, fill it in with short hair like strokes and use the remaining color on the rest of your eyebrow, just make sure the front of your eyebrows aren’t overfilled and are lighter than the tails. You can always use a stencil like those available from Anastasia Beverly Hills to get that perfect brow shape.

Check out 5 things that happen when we do our brows ourselves if you need to hear we’ve all been there.



You have unruly eyebrows 


Grooming your brows is easy! Brush your eyebrow hairs upwards using a clean mascara wand and take a small pair of scissors to slightly trim your brow hairs. No fuss.



You can’t really be bothered to do anything with your eyebrows

I feel that. If you can’t be bothered but still want them looking well-groomed, massage an oil of your choice into them in the evening to promote growth and brush a colored gel through them before you head out. They’ll look groomed with less than 60 seconds of fuss.



You have fair eyebrows or eyebrows that don’t match your hair color

This is where waterproof brow products come in handy, use NYX Eyebrow Gel to create the correct color that won’t budge in the rain, or get your eyebrows tinted! If you want to do it at home, grab a dye like Eyelure Pro-Brow DyBrow in the correct color, use Vaseline to block your brows so the dye doesn’t stain your face and be amazed!

Photography by Camille Valbusa for Career Girl Daily

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