How To Get A Job You Aren’t Qualified For

It’s a little different depending what sector you’re applying in, we wouldn’t recommend you trying your hand at being a doctor without qualifications, but some jobs and sectors are perfectly fine (and safe) to work in without the necessary qualifications. Someone with relevant qualifications is definitely a more desireable candidate, so it’s time to increase your employability without taking anymore classes!

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#1 Get it down on paper
Okay, so the first thing you need to do is increase your attractiveness on paper. It’s harder for those of us without desirable qualifications, but it’s not impossible. Some places enjoy seeing personality reflected in your cover letter and will give you an interview slot based on your proven credentials and sunny disposition alone. For maximum effect, your C.V needs to be concise (no more than one page) and should contain a breakdown of any roles, responsibilities and positive things you’ve been up to.

#2 Don’t forget the other stuff
Qualifications aren’t the only thing that make up a C.V, volunteering, enrolling in free courses and starting social hobbies will look great on your C.V, and will show an employer that you’re an upstanding member of society that isn’t driven by money alone. Don’t forget to big your achievements up either, awards, commendations and special mentions deserve a place on your C.V or cover letter just to show your employer that qualifications aren’t everything!

#3 Get C.V savvy
Check out example C.V’s and cover letters if you’re really stuck on how to make your lack of qualifications work for you. Check around to see if there are any free ‘C.V clinics’, often you’ll find employment talks at your local library where professionals are willing to give you constructive criticism on your current C.V and cover letter. It’s always invaluable to ask people for advice, whether they’re strangers or your best friends, encourage them to be critical and think of you as an applicant, not a friend and you’ll get all the information you need!

#4 Brush up your interview skills
Check out our guide to a successful interview, it’s never too late to pick up on the little things you could do to sell yourself. Being cheerful, honest and having open body language is the bare minimum you should do to sell yourself in place of qualifications or experience. You already got this far, which means they think you could be a good candidate for the position, so show them that you are by researching the company and being prepared to answer any tough questions they throw at you.

#5 Address your shortcomings
Be prepared to address your shortcomings if necessary, if the interviewer brings up your lack of proven experience or qualifications address that and be prepared to explain them. A good explanation or justification of your lack of qualifications followed up by a confident summary of your strengths should be enough to convince the interviewer that you’re a good candidate.

#6 Don’t expect too much
If you have high expectations of getting the job and you get disappointed you’ll end up feeling depressed and blaming yourself and your lack of experience on it. Don’t worry there will be other opportunities that might be better! Read our guide on what to do if you don’t get the job, chill out and get ready for the next one!

It can sometimes feel like there’s no way to gain experience in your field when nobody will hire you without it, but if you brush up your interview skills and make sure to sell yourself in your documents you’ll be hired in no time! Go ahead and enter our fab Dior giveaway to bag yourself a pair of sexy summer sunglasses!

  • Rena

    Honestly I believe it is possible to get a job you aren’t qualified for as I experienced this already a few times :) And it makes absolutely sense to considering your good tips in this context!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Onyxsta

    Great tips!
    Thanks for the researching firm tip


  • Cheryl

    This is very true – I work in research and development for a consumer goods company. Usually you need a science degree (chemistry or biology), but have worked with people who have engineering and even performing arts degrees.

    Its so much about who you are as a person, and a lot of companies look for this over qualifications!

  • Natalie Ann

    Great tips! I definitely need them right now :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • Lauren

    This is fabulous, there are so many positions you might not think you can work in but utilizing your skills can help so much!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  • Zeenat

    It’s like you read my mind on this one!

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