7 Easy Habits For Clear And Healthy Skin

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With summer fast approaching, the weather is starting to get warmer. Resulting in skirts and dresses, inevitably we’re showing more skin and loving every minute of it. Be gone winter layers!

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But what if you’re looking to improve your skin’s condition before the summer starts? Fear not! Career Girl Daily has got you covered, with our best tips for clearer and healthy skin.

1. Try probiotics

Probiotics are vitamins that help improve the health of your gut, but new research shows that they can help improve skin’s health when added to a skin care regime, including the reduction of acne and eczema. Probiotics can be found in natural yogurts, or you can talk to your pharmacist about the probiotic supplement that’s right for you!

2. Cut out dairy

Whoever said pimples would go away after puberty lied to us,  adults get blackheads and whiteheads too! If you’re hoping to reduce the appearance of pimples, try cutting dairy out of your diet; first-person accounts have testified to its strange effect on pimples, and how eliminating it from their diet reduced their acne!

3. Detox your skin, fast

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% HA 2% available here.  

Please, please trust us on this one. If your skin’s been playing up, it’s time to try a lactic acid peel. It’ll reduce inflammation and sensitivity, increase hydration and exfoliate skin and help to reveal the perfect skin you’ve been wishing for. The Ordinary is by far our favorite at the moment, it’s gentle, not at all scary, and can be used once a day! Buy it here.

4. Wash your pillowcases

Slip Embroidered Silk Pillowcase available here.

Imagine rubbing old hairspray, leftover makeup and grease/sweat on your face for several hours. Gross, right? This is what happens when you rest your head on dirty pillowcases! If you get pimples on your face, you should be washing your linens weekly, to avoid the risk of clogging your pores. Also, use a pillowcase that helps your night cream actually stay on your face. On top of our wishlist, it’s always gotta be Slip’s genius products. Kind to your face, they won’t snag, pull, or cause wrinkles, they’re super soft, and they won’t absorb your products! Buy it here.

5. Hydrate!

This is simple, keep yourself hydrated, and your skin will thank you. When you shower, use a body scrub or wash to exfoliate and rejuvenate skin, ensuring that you wash away the excess before you exit the shower to avoid irritation. Cheap soaps can actually dry out your hands, so keeping a small tube of hand cream in your handbag is the best way to combat this!

6. Get your beauty sleep.

Any busy Career Girl is going to cringe when she hears this, but your best way to keep skin healthy is to prevent damage in the first place, through, that’s right, sleep. Getting your eight hours in every night is so important to keep a youthful glow!

7. Use a double-duty setting spray

Supergoop Setting Spray With SPF50 available here.

As with sleep, preventing damage is the best way to keep your skin young and healthy. Summer is coming, and the fastest way to damage your skin is through sun exposure. If you always forget to slather the sunscreen on, don’t despair, this invention will save your life. Before you leave the house, set your makeup in place with a setting spray that’ll save your skin, too. Infused with rosemary and SPF 50, this genius sunscreen won’t mess up your makeup and will keep everything in place! Buy it here.

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  • Emily

    Love all of these tips. Definitely curious to try that acid peel!

    Emily x