Five Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

how to get energy without caffeine
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In order to get everything done in one day, you’ll need an energy boost. If you find yourself in a slump by the middle of the day or relying on your morning caffeine fix just to get through the day. You need an energy overhaul stat! It’s time to step away from the caffeine addiction and figure out how to get more energy naturally. Here are 5 ways how to get energy without caffeine.


1. Start at the source

Tackle the problem at its source—make sure you’re getting enough rest at night so that you’ve got energy during the day. Set an alarm for the time you’d like to fall asleep so that you don’t look up suddenly and realize it’s midnight. Eight to nine hours a night is optimal!

2. Bring some aromatherapy into your home

Some studies say that having a sniff of coffee can have the same effect on your brain as drinking a full cup. So if you’re trying to cut out coffee, try evoking the same feeling by getting some coffee-scented body butter or soap!

3. Exercise for endorphins

Not only will exercise help you sleep more soundly, but it will release endorphins that will give you energy, super-charging you for the day ahead! Try a quick HIIT session to get your blood pumping every other day, or go for a jog in the morning, you’d expect to feel exhausted afterward but you’ll actually feel more pumped up.

4. Go sober

Drinking can have a negative impact on sleep and make you feel sluggish overall. Try giving up booze this January and substituting it for water, which will give you a natural boost of energy.

5. Switch up your diet

Take a good look at your diet and see what can be replaced. Brown rice is an energy-booster; try it instead of white. Or try honey in your tea instead of sugar, a salmon steak instead of a burger, or bananas instead of chocolate for a dessert. These energy boosters will make all the difference to your energy levels!

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  • Carolina Calpurnia

    Nice tips as caffeine is not that good for you!

    Carolina ;)

  • Kiersten

    Eating Bananas is a good idea for more energy. I take them with me to eat when I go backpacking. They really help keep my stamina up!
    Kiersten @Autumn Country Girl

  • Elizabeth Apps

    On a university placement for teaching at the moment is really having an effect on my I’m knackered by 3 and just want to crawl into bed, but of course teachers have lots do even when the kids are gone and even on the weekend I’m knackered, i need to hit some of these tips so as not to feel so sleepy 24/7

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