4 Beauty Secrets That Girls With Flawless Skin Swear By


Beauty queen Nicole Warne, aka the face behind the one and only Gary Pepper Girl, doesn’t do things in halves. The Australian fashion and beauty blogger is a true Career Girl, creating a self-made empire around her blog. Not only that, she has impeccable beauty knowledge and relies a lot on Korean beauty secrets to get her flawless, dewy complexion. Read on to find out how to get flawless skin…


1. Embrace the Korean skincare routine 


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“I have definitely inherited the Korean beauty culture, though my skincare regime can range from eight to 12 steps every day.” She told Byrdie. Korean skincare starts with cleansing and ends with sheet masks. It includes ampoules, sunscreen and multiple moisturizers. For perfect skin, the longer you take on your routine the better.

Try a treatment like Bamboo Waterlock Mask towards the end of your skincare regime to lock in moisture and preserve dewy, healthy skin.

2. Always keep your skin hydrated


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Nicole knows that it’s all about preservation, especially when you travel a lot. If your skin gets dehydrated, you need a product that will instantly refresh and revive your skin.

A moisturizer spray like Mario Badescu Facial Spray will refresh you wherever you are. As Nicole says, it’s all about preservation.

3. Know Your Skin


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Being aware of your skin is necessary if you want to protect it the right way. Investing in it is the second step!

Nicole was told not to use devices that would damage her skin. Especially as Asian skin can be delicate, so if you’re going to use an exfoliation device to remove dirt and product build-up, make sure it’s one that won’t damage your skin like the genius Foreo Luna.

4. Let your skin breathe


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“When I do wear makeup, I use foundation to cover redness around my nose, lightly fill in my brows, add a peach blush and highlight my cheekbones and underneath my eyebrow for a natural glow. It’s very minimal, but it keeps my skin looking dewy and hydrated.”

Make your makeup regime work for you. A breathable, liquid foundation like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk will allow your skin to breathe and recover and give you Nicole’s natural dewy look.

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  • Natalie Harney

    Knowing your skin is definitely key, I’ve finally found a routine that works with my skin and it’s just the best feeling

    – Natalie

  • Mila S

    And the most important one – not TOUCHING your face! xo

    x Mila
    ❄️ http://www.topknotkindaday.com ❄️