5 Secrets For Having A High Energy Work Day

You don’t need me to tell you that time is precious. As you get older you’ll begin to notice how fast it really goes. But time and tide wait for no man, which means rather than trying to slow it all down, you should speed up to keep up. So, I decided this is exactly what I would do. I changed my lifestyle and I changed the habits that allowed me to be more energetic during the day. Because productivity to me means, getting things done. And in order to find that perfect balance between work and personal life there were certain things that had to change.

My journey began unexpectedly with the purchase of two new planners. I have always used journals to touch in with myself and be strategic with my micro goals. But I wasn’t expecting that my new purchase would change my life. In a bid to take back control of my life and think more positively, I used the Make Things Happen Planner to get out my thoughts and log how I feel day-to-day.

But this was only the beginning. Alongside creating balance for myself, I needed to bring more structure to my everyday routine by being more strategic with my fitness goals. I’ve always tried to log my progress on whiteboards and scraps of paper, but it never worked. Since using the Fit Is The Sh*t Planner, my days have been full of energy in a way I never expected. Here’s exactly what happened…

Change your perception of mornings

Let me tell you about the chain of events that helped me changed my life for the better. It all began with simply starting the day earlier. I’m not telling you to get up at the crack of dawn, but to instead just wake up half an hour earlier. You can choose to do what you like with this half an hour. I use it to review my mornings and get a head start on the week I need to complete, which I must say has helped me become so much more productive and organized. This half an hour head start gives me half an hour of pure silence that makes sure I start my day off the right way.

Create a chain of tasks to save energy

From there, I really began dividing my tasks up more and more. With my job, I have a lot of little tasks that take up the majority of my day. And sometimes this means I’m behind. So instead, I started grouping these tasks together into projects. And once I had completed every project, I would reward myself with five-minute breaks.

I was really surprised that this worked. It was strange to steal myself from work and get things done in less time than it would take me on a usual day. This, in turn, energized me because I was able to socialize briefly with colleagues, grab a quick coffee and be on my feet more.

Give yourself an energy boost

My advice to you would be to set a time where your body doesn’t need more energy – is it 9/10 o clock? For me, the lights off are around ten. So that means I need five hours energy from the time I finish work. And I do this by working out as soon as I get home.

Many work out in the morning for this burst of energy, but it works better for my body when I do it in the evening. So it’s whenever it suits you! But working out at the right time can really boost your energy levels as you set off positive hormones around the body. Perfect times to work out are just before work, midday and six in the evening.

Since doing it myself I can see why. It makes me feel incredibly energetic, active and good about myself, which makes it the perfect little stress reliever too.

Positivity brings productivity

I stumbled upon a new method for energy the other day and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I started this journey of self-discovery two weeks ago and it’s opened me up to many new things I never even knew possible while making me feel better and balanced as a person.

If you’re having low energy, grab yourself a notebook. I start with the Make It Happen notebook and begin writing positive affirmations about yourself. A study from the University of California ran tests on Japanese office workers. They asked one group to write out positive things that happened to them that week and another group to write out the tasks they completed. The study found that the first group was more active and energetic because by thinking of the things you’re proud of will induce a positive mood, which is connected to your energy levels.

Bring some calmness into your life

When I started my fitness journey. I began with yoga. First I wanted to silence my mind and bring my body peace rather than go crazy with cardio. But by performing yoga, it actually made me feel full of energy and made me hungry to do other workouts. Meditation paired with this makes me feel really healthy, from the inside out and enables me to be more awake than ever before.

But don’t take my word for it. Some studies have shown that the varied poses and deep breathing exercises that are found both in yoga and meditation are an excellent fighter of fatigue.

The one thing I love about these two methods are the effects it has on my mind. Yoga and meditation have become my solace and allows me to let go of all the negativity of the day. Which if you haven’t have guessed is also an energizer. When we feel down in the dumps and experience feelings of regret and loss, it means that often we shut down our minds and even our hearts. There department of psychology at Yale insists that these feelings lead to a lack of motivation and the experience of feeling drained.


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