3 Quick Tips For Using A Daily Planner To Get Organized

With the right daily plan, anything is possible. Even that far-reaching goal requires some daily action to smash it. To achieve everything you want, you need to start with the simple first step of getting organized. When you feel unorganized, you struggle to get stuff done, your daily schedule can fall at the wayside, and you’ll lose the motivation to get it back on track. 

Being organized is all about making changes, writing down the right things and making a difference to your routine. So, if you’re wondering how to get (and stay) organized using a daily planner, here are three quick steps to get your head in the game and get back on track with the Getting Stuff Done planner.




The only way you’re going to get organized is if you know exactly what it is you need to do and stay on track. You’ll need to create a long list of the things that are pulling your attention this way and that and then try to time block. You shouldn’t just use an organizational system for work, you should stretch this into your home life too. Luckily, you can do all that and more with the Getting Stuff Done planner so to start with, use the left-hand side of the page titled Today’s Plan to make out all the important things you need to do.

For example, work deadlines, or home stuff you’re taking care of on your day off, important reminders, people to pay, invoices to send, everything that helps you stay on top of your day and in control should go here.  You can use post-it notes to keep track of important reminders, and different colored pens to make your plans stand out. One great way to use this section of the planner would be to plan your day by the hour and create a system of checkboxes to tick when you’ve ticked off that to-do.





Once you’ve filled in your daily plan, the fun part starts. You absolutely need to keep track of your personal life if you want to stay organized. Everything from how much water you’re drinking, the meals you’re eating, to your expenses and shopping lists needs a home. If you carry it all around in your mind, you’ll find it much harder to focus.

Brain fog happens when your mind is making too many decisions. Cut it down and focus instead on keeping what’s important in one place. Make a note of your exercise classes, the self-care you’re planning, and all those minor things that can distract you and lead you to feel chaotic and unorganized. You should use it to track your water intake if you’ve been feeling unorganized and losing focus the chances are high that you haven’t been drinking enough water.

You can even use this side of the planner to help you truly organize and streamline your life, making a note of different areas of your home you need to de-clutter, or things you need to pack. It’s completely up to you. The only rule is that you use your planner as a daily template for staying organized, on schedule, and ready to go.

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Yes, there’s a lot cluttering your mind. Which is why sometimes you need a little bit more space to keep track of your daily routine. The key to clearing mental space and getting yourself in a productive and organized mindset is, in fact, taking care of yourself. Which means tracking your workouts, meals, and self-care.

You’ll have noticed that working out gives you a boost of endorphins, you should aim to move at least thirty minutes a day just to give yourself a helping hand and a kick in the right direction with a positive, productive, and healthy life. Besides that, discipline is an essential component of time management. It helps us to choose the right goals, make plans towards achieving those goals and execute those plans with patience and determination.

The interesting thing about discipline is that if you build it in one area of life, the benefits spill over to other areas too. One of the easiest ways to build discipline is to develop an exercise habit. To exercise every day, you need to become more aware of your schedule, plan your days better, and have the resolve to say ‘no’ to interruptions and distractions. With the Getting Stuff Done planner your entire life can be organized with one simple daily spread, which takes a lot of the hard work out of planning your day and means all you have to do is focus on getting stuff done.

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