How To Get Ready For Your Best Valentine’s Day Yet

Whether you’re off on a date or are instead celebrating ‘galentines’ with your girls, we know you like prepping and priming yourself for a great night out. Valentines day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, trust us we know that, but if you’re a soppy believer in all things Valentines day or someone who just wants to look fierce in pictures of you being single and not caring about silly traditions, we’ve got your back.


Step 1 Prime

Priming your skin is our number one tip. Foundation never goes on as smoothly as when it has a base, depending on your look you’ll need a great primer. If you’re a fan of the dewy hydrated look, choose a great moisturizer as your base. For a flash-proof photo look, grab a primer like Smashbox Photo Finish, and for a stay-all-day look, our top tip would be to use Nivea For Men Aftershave Balm, wait until it’s tacky and apply your foundation. It’s a winner.

Step 2 Face

Foundation, like handbags and shoes, is well worth investing in. Opt for something like Nars, Lord & Berry, YSL. If you’re a fan of the contouring, be super subtle with it and round it off with a smudge of pink blush or highlighter just on the apples of your cheeks. We love Nars Blush in Deep Throat.

Photography by Camille Valbusa for CGD


Step 3 Eyes

Create a soft sexy smoky eye with highly pigmented whites and luxe greys with the Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl palette or read our detailed eye shape guide


Step 4 Lips

Grab a deep red like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Fascinante, to make it last longer use a great lip liner first, apply your lipstick and seal it with a lipstick sealer. We love Lipcote for keeping our reds matte and smear free. Try drinking through a straw if you’re having difficulty.



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