How To Actually Get Things Done With Your To-Do List

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As a career girl, it’s important to know how to get things done with your to-do list. Scheduling means planning your activities so that you can achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available. When it’s done effectively, it helps you to understand what you realistically achieve with your time and make sure you have enough time for essential tasks.

So how do you start?

Before we can start, you should know how much time you’re spending on your activities right now. Take your smartphone and clock how much time is used and wasted for each task. Facebook & Instagram is not being productive ladies. Start with scheduling every beginning of the week. You can even do this at the beginning of the month and make a more detailed version weekly. Nothing beast a pen and notebook.

Next what medium are we using?

Do you a daily planner like the Getting Stuff Done planner, a daily project planner like The Project Book, or a weekly desk pad like the Getting Stuff Done weekly desk pad? It all depends on your personal preferences. The most important thing when choosing your planner is that it lets you enter data easily, and allows you to view an appropriate span of time (day/week/month) in the level of detail that you need. Once you have decided which tool you want to use, prepare your schedule in the following way:

#1 – What to do?

Make a list of everything that needs to be done this week. Make your to-do’s specific actions as if you’re instructing a personal assistant on her first day on the job as to what you need to be done. Include as much information as possible and make sure you put items on the list that you’re definitely doing.

#2 – How much time

Fill in how much time it will take to do each task. Your to-do list should be short, to-the-point commitments that involve no more deciding as to whether you’re actually serious about doing them.

#3 – Prioritize

Prioritize your tasks in order. Schedule in high-priority and urgent activities, as well as essential maintenance tasks that cannot be delegated or avoided. Schedule your time with understanding when you are most energetic and when you are not.  It may seem silly to assign a number or letter to your tasks, and you shouldn’t think of these as mega important, but giving each task a simple 1-4 when you create it makes your to-do list organize itself. That way, when you get to work and look at your to-do list, you don’t need to think about what to do first—you just start at the top of the list and start working your way down.

What’s on your to-do list this week? Share your top goals with us in the comment section below…


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