5 Tips For Landing The Job Of Your Dreams


2020 so far has been a year to remember – for all the wrong reasons. That doesn’t look like it will change soon. One side effect of this is that many of us realize that life is too short to wait for the dream job to come to us.  

So if 2020 has helped you refocus and you want to start 2021 in your dream job, use these tips and tricks to help you on your way.

1. Write Your CV For the Job You Want

The first thing an employer sees is your CV, so make sure you do your research and tailor your CV to match the job with that employer. One size does not fit all.  Get to know as much as possible about the company, their values, and mission statement. Understand the skills needed for your dream career. Then tailor your CV to reflect the skills, experience, and qualities. This will show your dream employer you not only have the skills to do the job, but you understand the company and would be a good fit.

2. Have the Right Profile

Some people describe LinkedIn as social media without the social. For getting your dream job, don’t disregard it. Update your profile to reflect the skills and experience that will apply to your dream job.

3. Get Social

In the current climate, it might feel like there are limited opportunities to get social with prospective employers. But now you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile, use that to your advantage. Follow employers who can offer you that dream job on Twitter and LinkedIn. Use your own connections to wrangle an introduction. Join relevant groups where you can make these connections. Post regular updates that relate to your dream job and share relevant information. Interact with posts that your dream employer and their employees post – without stalking them, of course! These interactions and can go a long way to show you have a genuine interest in that dream job. 

4. Get Networking

Does networking bring you out in a cold sweat? You are not alone. But if you want to land your dream job, networking done well can help you on your way. It might be difficult to network in real life at the moment, but many business communities are organising virtual coffee events. Don’t shy away from those to make connections.

5. Know Your Audience

These tips will help you land that interview, the next step in getting your dream job. Do your homework before the interview. Find out who will interview you. Make use of all the information you have gained to make a connection and leave an impression. Stay away from any areas of controversy and show an interest in topics you know they have an interest in. Knowledge is power after all!

By Caroline Kelly 


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