How To Get Your Life Together Right Now


Ok, so getting your life together sounds ambitious. You probably have all sorts of areas that you want to improve on, from getting out more, to being more streamlined and actually remembering your deadlines. It’s not always easy to get every area of your life in order, but with the right mindset and the right tools, anything is possible.

We often get asked what each product does and how you can use it to become your best self, so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown on how every product can help you become your best self and get your life together.

If you want to become more organized every day…


There are more than enough organization essentials on CGD LONDON, but the primary planner to help you solve the problem of feeling chaotic and disorganized is the Getting Stuff Done planner. With a lined space for today’s plan on the left and in-depth sections for your self-care on the right, it’s the perfect combination of work/school goals and your personal ones.

You can use this daily, as it’s undated, to work through your to-do list and remind yourself to take care of yourself. Combine it with any of our weekly plans to get on top of your day and week and be ahead of all your to-dos. Shop now.

If you want to feel in control of your life again.

The Win At Life Journal is your best friend if you want to feel like you’re in control of everything again. We know all too well how hard it can be when you’re running at a million miles per hour and have so many goals you don’t know where to start, so we started by creating the Win At Life system, which you’ll find in the Win At Life Journal.

To simplify, it’s all about balancing the areas that matter and making time for the right things in your life, while you give space to your emotions and your moods. At the back of the journal, you’ll even find advice on how to embrace or boost every mood in your diary and feel like your best self. Shop now.

If you want to get fit and healthy…

It’s not all about your ‘summer body’ it’s about how you feel. The Fit Is The Sh*t planner has been tweaked to perfection, and let’s just say it HAS been used in this office. I used it to get ready to be a bridesmaid and for my own wedding dress fitting, and it has changed my life. I used to think I just wasn’t the kind of person who could enjoy getting fit but pushing myself hard has proved so many things to me that I never thought I could learn. The Fit Is The Sh*t will guide you through ninety days of fitness planning. With inspiration and advice contained inside.

Track your workouts, write down your meals and snacks, track your macros, and keep a record of how you feel, not your weight. It’ll change your life, and change how you feel about fitness in general – and trust me; it’s one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Shop now.

If you want to be more positive…

At the beginning of the year, I don’t know if it was the winter or what, but I was at my most miserable. It went on for longer than it needed to before I realized that I should, instead, re-wire my brain and focus on the positives. Celina suggested daily gratitude, keeping a diary, and re-writing a negative day into a positive by looking for things to hold on to. I tried it, and I realized that gratitude has some serious power.

We created the 365 Days of Gratitude with this knowledge. That if you really focus on the good things, the world will open doors for you. A positive mindset can create so many opportunities. People who practice gratitude are happier, healthier, and more productive than those who don’t. Shop now.

If you want to stay on top of your deadlines…


The Goals 2019/2020 Diary is one of our most popular products. With good reason, more than just a yearly diary, you’ll find monthly planning sections, space for your monthly goals, and weekly hourly planning. The hourly section is perfect for appointments, deadlines, and scheduling your day.

With summer in full swing you might not know what you should be planning, but making a note of weekend dates, vacations, appointments, and deadlines is super important if you want to live a smooth life. This Diary will become your best friend. Shop now.

If you want to get your life together…

A combination of all our products will help you finally get your life together. The Water Tracking Bottle will keep you hydrated and on top form (especially in this searing heat), the Making It Happen Mug is a perfect desk essential and reminder to drink your favorite tea, the Ultimate Week Plan can help you organize your home chores or your work goals, the Make It Happen Notebook is the perfect study companion, The Master Plan could be your first foray into bullet journaling that will change your life.

Everything we designed was designed with women like us in mind. With busy lives, searching for the perfect tool to help them get on top of everything. Shop now.


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