How To Have A Successful Mindset


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Have you ever felt like you had your goals set and knew exactly what to do to achieve them before something got in your way and threw you off? Well, here are some easy steps in how to have a successful mindset that will get you scoring points left, right and center!

1. First of all – get seriously organized!

How can you be successful if you can’t find your socks? Think about what the morning version of you would really like to have. Maybe gym gear pulled out for a run, an outfit already picked out for the day, lunch packed. Having all the things that can be stressful to work out first thing in the morning already taken care of leaves your mind free to get thinking!

2. Define what success means to you

Once you’ve freed up all  that brainpower by getting your stuff together, it’s time to figure out what being successful means to you. Is it about getting healthy and being able to run a mile? Maybe it’s about coming up with smarter thinking for your day job and winning that promotion? Or is it about finally creating products and starting your small business?

3. Start setting some goals!

Ok, now it’s time to get into your goals. If you’re wanting to get into the office early to gun for that promotion then you won’t be also able to fit in an early morning run – try instead for an evening workout.

Make your goals fit your idea of success and your lifestyle. If you’ve never run a day in your life, aiming for a marathon may not be the best start. Try for a 5K instead and build up to the marathon. Figure out what small steps and milestones you can achieve to get you on your way to success and go from there.

4. Time for some motivation and inspiration

Ever heard the story about Jim Carrey and the million dollar cheque? When he was first starting out, Jim Carrey wrote himself a million dollar cheque as something to aim for and to motivate himself. He left the cheque in his wallet and would see it countless times a day.

So when he finally got his big break in a movie, guess how much he was paid? One million dollars. He could finally bank that cheque. Now I’m not saying Jim Carrey writes magic cheques. But there’s definitely something to be said for items or pictures that inspire and motivate you.

5. Create habits and routines that line up with your goals

Set aside time at the weekend to start drafting your business plan – think of big tasks like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. Tell your partner/housemate/friends/family what you’re doing – make yourself accountable to them by default.


Put these steps in place and watch as your mindset shifts and your goals become easier to achieve. You’ll become that successful person you always knew you could be! And don’t forget step number 7 – when you do achieve things make sure you celebrate every win!

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  • The Brown Eyed Bostonian

    Great post! I recently decided to make some changes in my life (pursing a creative career instead of hating my job every day) and this post really helped me to understand that its all about the mind set.

  • Camille Beygui

    This is so inspiring ! Thanks for sharing

  • Calista

    This blog is so Inspiring! I love it!!!!! I have some things i really wanna achieve and im defenantly trying this steps!! (sorry for the bad writing, im not english so i don´t know how to write some things) :) X

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