10 Ways To Make This Christmas The Best Day Ever



Christmas is a special day for a lot of us all around the world. It’s a time where family and friends reunite around a magnificent meal and a neverending fountain of drink! Not to mention it’s the only time of year where a four-hour marathon of Monopoly is acceptable! But as old habits die hard we find that our Christmas day routine rarely changes from year to year.

We wake up and rush to open presents, start drinking and eating chocolate far too early and wait around for guests to arrive and the food to be cooked. But as it only comes around once a year, why not try and make this Christmas extra special? Here are ten ways to have the best Christmas ever:


1. Toast the day

Christmas morning tends to pass us by in a chaos of discarded wrapping paper and meal prep. This year make a conscious effort to take the time for a special breakfast. Nothing too heavy of course, but toast or pancakes cut into Christmas tree shapes or festive sweet loafs like panettone and stollen served with champagne (or its alternatives) are particularly decadent and will get the day off to a great start.


2. Seasonal start

Start the day as Christmassy as you can. Light a fire if you have one, or blast the heating while listening to the sound of a crackling fire (available on Netflix). Fill your lounge with festive smells of spices and pine and brew up hot coffee or chocolate! Try not to rush to start your day but enjoy these few hours. Stick on a facemask and run yourself a hot, perfumed bath!


3. Put a name to it

Most people save nameplates for weddings or other such large, formal occasions. Depending on how many people you’re feeding this Christmas, they can add an extra pizzazz to your table! Make it fun and informal by drawing pictures of your guests and asking them to sit in the seat they believe has their image on! It’ll be a laugh trying to work out who’s who!


4. Deck the doorways

Tape a roll of wrapping paper across your front door or alternatively, the door leading into where you’ll be eating, and make a thin slit down the middle of the paper.

Let your guests burst into the room through the wrapping, the kids will love this one! (Just make certain the doors are definitely open to avoid any injury.) Alternatively, you could wrap the dinner table, taking the pressure off of dressing it and if any spills occur, all you have to do is unwrap the table and it’s clean!


5. More presents?

Save everyone one last present until later on in the evening to keep the excitement going all day! You’ll appreciate it far more if it’s unwrapped separately after the main opening frenzy.


6. Cheese!

Leave disposable cameras around the house and advice your guests to snap spontaneously throughout the day! The Christmas excitement will last right up until you get them printed!


7. Happy hour

Come seven o’clock, once your food has gone down, there can often be a bit of a lull in festivities, so fill this hour with a cocktail making session! Get creative and utilize sweet treats and excess alcohol! Then taste test them all and vote for the best beverage, the winner can be exempt from the post-dinner cleanup!


8. Christmas Karaoke 

Once Christmas is over, playing its music becomes increasingly unacceptable! Utilise these final hours by blasting your speakers and have a very merry sing-along!


9. Hitch a lift on the Polar Express

Organise your own Polar Express “train ride” (or rather scavenger hunt) after dinner, get inspired here!

Hand out the tickets around the table, you could even attach them to your crackers and instead of taking a car or other transport, incorporate it into your evening walk- it’s fun for everyone!


10. Movie night

The perfect ending to the perfect day! Cosy up in your new Christmas pajamas with your loved ones and have a marathon of all your favorite Christmas classics! Find out how here. Indulge in a creamy, steaming cup of cocoa, wrap yourself in a duvet and allow exhaustion to wash over you! It’s been the best kind of busy day!


How do you make your Christmas day special? Let us know in the comments section below



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