How To Have The Most Productive Monday Of Your Life


Want to know the secret for how to have a productive Monday? Yes you need the planner, yes you need the to-do lists, and yes you need to approach the week with a certain mindset. If you’re wondering how to get a grip on the week and smash every single thing on your to-do list. We’ve got you.


Stop procrastinating

If you want to know the tricks to help you stop procrastinating, read this article. But it’s as simple as your mindset. Tell yourself you’re going to do something and you’re going to do it now. No more procrastinating. Take those hard tasks and do them first.


Use the Eisenhower Method

Now that you’ve stopped procrastinating focus yourself on a task you want to work on, regardless of the length. The perfect place to start is prioritizing your tasks. Start by putting them into categories:




Not important

Do your urgent and important tasks first, and then work your way through non-urgent, and eventually not important! You’ll see your day moving a lot quicker, and easier.


If that doesn’t work, try Pomodoro

The technique involves taking your tasks and putting a twenty-five-minute timer on them. Once the time is completed you take a short break away from your task. And then continue again and again. It will keep you inspired, and help you have a clear head.  It can increase productivity by sharpening your focus, which means you won’t be spending too long on a certain piece of work.


Stay away from social media

Stay away from Facebook, and all social media altogether.  If you must, wait till your lunch break to catch up on Instagram’s latest. But when trying to knuckle down just put your devices to the side. We managed without them once upon a time…


Use your planner to stay on track

Use a daily planner like the Getting Stuff Done planner to stay on track with your self-care and to-dos, or if you’re prone to timewasting, use a timed to-do list like the one in The Project Book.


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