How To Have The Ultimate Relaxing Evening Routine


Wondering how to have a relaxing night at home? When you work hard and play hard, relaxing is so important. Chilling out lets you de-stress, unwind, and refresh your mind for another week. So it’s time to seriously consider your current evening routine and how you can create the ultimate relaxing night at home.

Work up a sweat every evening 

Working out provides more energy to the brain, which will help you think clearly and feel more on top of the world. If you’ve been particularly clumsy lately or aren’t feeling your best, you may need to do a short burst of exercise every night. The only way I changed my routine to include working out was by tracking my progress photos. It sounds silly, but including photos in my Fit Is The Sh*t planner has really kept me going and taught me that being fit isn’t about ‘weight loss’ but about being my best self and becoming more productive.

Upgrade your shower

In the evening you can waste a lot of time in the shower, but the perfect amount of time for a shower is around 5 minutes. Use your phone timer to keep yourself on schedule, so your evenings seem longer. Add some essential oils to your shower or light a candle infused with lavender and chamomile in the bathroom to get your mind ready to have a deep, satisfying sleep.

Prepare everything the night before

Before you go to bed, make the morning easier by preparing ahead. That means meal prepping, figuring out what you’re going to wear and packing your bag. You can write your meal prep in detail in the On The Menu Meal Pad which will save you time and help you get ahead of yourself. Write a shopping list and simply tear it off when you need to go shopping. Yes, a bit of planning will help you free up some time if you’re wondering how to have a relaxing night at home.

Upgrade your lighting

One other evening routine edit I made that changed my life was changing the light. A better night’s sleep means a more productive day once you wake up. So what I did was change the bulbs in my bedroom so that they change color, towards the evening when I’m in bed, I will dim the lights and change them to a different hue. Dark red lights work best, at sending me to an undisturbed sleep and have changed the way I wake up in the morning. Red light is the least likely to change your circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin, which makes it perfect for the bedroom. You’ll wake up in the morning and feel a lot more energetic, which will make you more productive.

Keep a pad by your bed

You can choose to do this just before bed or before unwinding after dinner. It’s something I learned from a writing course but it has been so much more helpful to me in terms of productivity levels.

Write until you have nothing left in your head. If you have to write down every bad thing that’s ever happened to you, do it. It seems emotionally draining but guess what, you’ll stop carrying all those thoughts around with you. And counter-balancing it with positive thoughts will help you be more positive about the goals, tasks, and time you’ve got. Once you go to sleep in the evening you’ll wake up feeling clear-headed and able to tackle the day, which will make you way more


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