How To Keep Your House Clean And Tidy

A tidy home equals a tidy mind. Everybody knows that, and a recent study by Indiana University confirms that people who keep their house tidy are healthier than those who don’t. If you’re wondering how to keep your house clean and tidy all the time, I can shed some light on it for you.

Friends would call me a bit obsessed with my cleaning rituals. It’s just another routine I rely on to get my head in the game and live a more organized, streamlined life. And it’s actually easier than most people think to have a perfect home. Here are some of my best tips:

Do the small things every day

Because of the nature of my work, I have to make sure I know exactly what I’m doing and when which means my personal life also needs to be super organized. And I manage my household by scheduling cleaning tasks. At home, we all use a cleaning app called OurHome that we can create tasks, deadlines and even earn points when completed, which has turned into a bit of competition between us all.

The truth is, the secret to keeping a clean house is doing something every day – because, in reality, there won’t be a day you where you won’t even have to do a little bit. Clean up after yourself, to save clearing up after yourself later.

Keep all surfaces clean and smooth. I usually do this as soon as I come in after work and after I finish cooking, because it’s impossible to cook without making a mess, well in my case anyway!

After this, clean out the sink and make sure there all dishes are out of sight! You want to think no clutter and use it, as a rule, to stick by always. Make sure everything is put away and in its ‘spot.’

Take the trash out daily, and you won’t have to worry about those nasty smells in your home.

And sweeping up every day is a much quicker and easier alternative to getting the hoover out every evening.

Every week, focus on your ‘zones’

First, you want to tackle the bathroom. Focus on all the problem areas like the toilet, the bath/shower, and sink. Don’t forget to wipe down all surfaces, your sanitary cupboards or drawers and clean the mirrors.

Next, you’ll want to clean your appliances. Remember, if it’s something you use to cook your food then it needs a weekly clean! I even go the extra mile and wipe down the externals of everything that I can see.

Make your floors your priority. You want them to be sparkling and fresh. First make sure to give everywhere a good hoover, go deep into corners and don’t forget to dust off the skirting boards. Once there’s not one single crumb in sight you can then mop your floors. My mop is my favorite tool, I always make sure the mop head is clean before using and by popping it in the washing machine. And because I don’t like to use many toxic ingredients, especially on my wooden floors, I mix one cup of distilled vinegar together with warm water, which makes your floors really sparkle!

Clean the stubborn parts once a month

Monthly cleans aren’t exactly spring cleans – spring cleans can be fun because you get to go through your stuff, declutter and reorganize. But your monthly clean tends to involve jobs that aren’t exactly anything to get excited about. However, they’re necessary, especially if you want a home that resembles a 5-star resort.

Brace the oven. It’s not one of my favorite tasks at all. But it’s one that you just have to do – and it’s not like you have to do it every day! And I know how tricky ovens are to become shiny and new once again so with this I usually just buy an oven cleaner solution because it’s a task I want to get out the way fast.

Clean out your cupboards. Go through all your cupboards in the house and just declutter. Especially in the kitchen, you’ll want to check the dates on your food and give your cupboards a good clean from the inside because they can get quite grubby, which is not what you want from somewhere you store your food.

Get at the grout! It’s another job I don’t particularly love, but yet again it’s one that needs to be done. So, grab an old toothbrush and some bleach and start scrubbing until your grout is sparkling white again.

Wipe where you’ve never wiped before. There are a lot of areas that people miss when they’re cleaning because they don’t think they need cleaning. Areas like skirting boards are easily missed. But you need to have extreme attention to detail when it comes to spring cleaning. Wipe down absolutely everything, lamps, light switches, door handles, etc.

Schedule a seasonal clean

Every season demands new things. You might need new decor essentials, and then have to pack them away next season. You’ll need to pack away last season’s essentials to make room for the new, fresh things. To have a spotless home instead of one that just seems clean you need to go the extra mile.

Clear out your pantry. Go through your canned goods and check what’s still good. Because it’s time to get everything organized and pretty. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can even organize your cupboards like I do – just like Khloe Kardashian organizes her pantry!

Air out the rooms. What I like to do is strip everything down. I take the blinds/curtains off of windows, strip the beds and the whole house of pretty much of all fabrics. That means stripping every cushion and removing every blanket or throw. All of these then go into the wash for a fresh soak, while the whole house gets aired out.

Have a massive clear out! One of my favorite things to do is going through all my stuff and asking myself if I need it. If the answer is no, then it goes straight in a bag that later on goes to the Charity Shop. It’s the perfect way to declutter and keep everything fresh.

Wash the windows, whether you want to hire someone to do this for you, which is usually quite cheap and safer if you’re a little scared of ladders like I am. But the job has to get done! Especially now that the sun is beginning to shine a lot more, you need it shine on through! If you are to do it yourself, try using distilled vinegar (again), which makes window cleaning easy and even fun!

Give your carpets some care! Over time carpets tend to get less and less fresh. Unbeknownst to most, hoovering is simply not enough. They collect so much dirt and bacteria so small you wouldn’t see. And that tends to freak me out a little bit. So, every season I buy Vanish Carpet Foam cleaner to give my carpets a deep clean.


Tell me what you think? Do you prefer a clean house or aren’t you so bothered?



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