5 Surprising Things That Happen When You Find Your Dream Job

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From a young age, we are asked to pick subjects in school that point us in the direction of the types of career paths we are aiming to go down for the rest of our lives. But along the way, as we grow older, our passions and interests can change. Leaving us feeling confused and lost to what it is we actually want to do.

So as you sit at your desk or enter your workplace, you need to ask yourself is this really what and where I want to be? Am I enjoying this? Here are a few things that happen when you finally find your dream job!


Long gone are the days of hearing the alarm go off and laying there thinking of illnesses to use to call in sick with. Most people who love their job get up much earlier than those who don’t. This may be down to the excitement to finish off a project or pressure to complete an important task. Those who enjoy their working day will aim to fit more hours in the day and get up earlier than the rest of us in order succeed and progress more. The motivation to leave the house at 6 am, by might I add, surely is enough to show anyone complete and utter passion for the job.


When you are doing something you love, you will find yourself putting 1000% into it. You will care more about it. Whether this is working late or refusing to finish a project until it is perfect, you will not leave it without knowing you done your complete best.


When you are doing something you love as a career, it no longer feels like work or a job. There is no better feeling than being paid to do something you love. The Monday blues that used to haunt you every Sunday night disappear and are replaced with positive and motivated thoughts for the week.



Loving your job also means you dedicating yourself to it. Any spare time you may have done nothing, you find yourself filling with bits of work. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as that is just unhealthy. But, perhaps working from home on the weekends or in the evenings.


Enjoying your day at work will naturally lift your mood in general but could make you more sociable with your work colleagues. Perhaps treating them to a round of after work drinks or actually attending the Christmas parties. After all, you all have something in common, the same love for the same job or career path.


Do you relate to these? Are you doing your dream job?




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  1. I think this sound like an unhealthy way to work, that might work for some, but nor for most people.
    I would say that I love my job, and even if I won the lottery I would not quit.
    But I have monday blues, that just means the weekends are a good time as well.
    I would never make working hours all hours. One of the things I love about my job is also my freetime.

    I am much more of a make the best out of the job you have, then a get your dream job.

  2. This article didn’t hit the right note for me.

    Surely a list of things more connected to the confusion you hint at in the introduction would have been more insightful and indeed useful than an list of cliches about dream jobs.

    What if you’re dream job isn’t actually what you thought it was? What if your interests changed but you didn’t realise until you got the dream job? What if you get there and still have more than 30 years of working ahead of you?

  3. If we didn’t have people who thought this way we wouldn’t have had people like Einstein, Beethoven, Curie… These people made their passion, their life. If you are a famous painter, working on a painting, you add a dab at midnight, a face at sunrise, your inspiration keeps you motivated. Doesn’t mean you don’t live, it means you have life!

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